Dublanko Chosen In CFL Draft

Curtis Dublanko, the senior-to-be middle linebacker for the Sioux was just drafted 15th overall in the CFL Draft.  He was selected by the Montreal Alouettes, the defending Grey Cup Champions.  Former Sioux All American LB Tim Tibesar is on the Montreal staff as the LB coach.   

Dublanko, a native of Thorsby, Alberta, had an excellent junior season for the Sioux.  He originally was the backup at MLB but was thrust into the starting lineup due to injuries and need.  Dublanko immediately showed play making ability and good speed and even finished second on the team in tackles while only starting the last 7 games of the year.

Here is a link to the CFL Draft:  www.cfl.ca/ 

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  1. Shocked

    I am shocked more people from that daunting defense weren’t drafted. They were a dominant group last year.

  2. siouxfb

    Actually, they weren’t a dominant group. They gave alot of yards and way too many passing TD’s.

    Dublanko is the only Canadian on the defense, therefore, the only one eligible today.

  3. Shocked

    They were really coming on strong and almost beat Texas Tech. I think it was our best defense in years.


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  5. homer

    Another Sioux in the CFL. I’m glad we have Curtis around for one more full season. He was fun to watch at the end of last year.

  6. hiolariosity

    “They were really coming on strong and almost beat Texas Tech. I think it was our best defense in years.”

    ALMOST BEAT TT? are you smoking crack?


    Thank you “shocked” for responding to your own post….EXACTLY MY POINT!

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  8. whatever

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  9. The Truth

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  10. siouxfb


    Comments are getting off topic and childish, once again. Had to delete two of them and probably should delete more. I don’t want to have to turn off the comments like other blogs have done.

    Try and please keep the comments somewhat Sioux football related.

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