Another WR Down

Jon Heimler, the sophomore WR from Colfax, WI, is the latest injury to the WR group.  He reportedly went down with a shoulder injury and is out for quite a while.  This was a big year for him to potentially crack the rotation and be a big contributor.  Hopefully Heimler and Jarrel Davis arent out for too long.  Practices can begin to become a problem during the season when scout teams take the younger players and the body numbers are down for practice reps.  Coaches typically will start protecting the players by minimizing reps in order to make sure they stay healthy.  This also affects the opposite side of the ball in terms of their reps for both quality and quantity.

The good news is that help is on the way with talented Texas true freshman Tyrhe Ivery arriving on campus.  Marcus Hendrickson has also been taking some reps at WR to try fill the void.  I wouldn’t discount the potential that Hendrickson brings to the table.  Indications are that the sophomore Perham, MN product is one of the best all-around athletes on the team.  Perhaps he could be counted on to make Ryan Konrath-like contributions at the position after the switch from QB to WR.  Maybe the Hendrickson switch is only temporary.  Talk about a team player.  Guys like Jarrel Davis and Marcus Hendrickson exemplify that with their willingness to help the team by switching positions.  Kudos to both of them.