Scouting, Anyone?

For those of you who have Direct TV and would like to get a preview of UND’s week #2 opponent, channels 671, 676 and 686 will be showing the Northern Illinois vs Iowa State game on Thursday at 7 pm CST.  These are all Fox Sports regional channels. If you also have DVR, you can watch the first hour of the NIU game to get a glimpse of their team, then watch the UND game at 8 pm, and then resume scouting and watching the Northern Illinois game.

Have we told you that we LOVE football season?

NOTE:  Interesting dynamic here:  UND plays Idaho this week before Idaho travels to Lincoln, NE to take on Big Red and the Huskers.  Northern Illinois plays Iowa State before we play NIU next week.  Maybe we can get both to overlook us?

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One Response to Scouting, Anyone?

  1. Jack says:

    Pistol and no-huddle?

    Good idea?


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