UND Offense Vs Idaho Defense

The UND offense will be going up against an Idaho defense that gave up an average of 36 points per game and returns 10 starters from last season.  The Vandals run a 4-3 alignment and like to blitz a little bit with cover zero and man-free looks.  QB Jake Landry will be looking to take whatever Idaho gives him against the cover 2 and maybe look to take a few chances against the man looks down the field.  Landry definitely has the big-game atmosphere and experience in his back pocket after facing Texas Tech last year in game 1.  Hopefully that bodes well for him and the Fighting Sioux offense in Moscow.  As we have said before, this is Landry’s team and it will go as far as he can take it.  Being a senior, it is his time to step up and take control.  Jake has made great strides dating back to last spring into this fall camp.

Our keys to success for the UND Offense:

  • Control the clock – keep the Idaho offense off the field with a controlled running game.  Enderle and company can put up points in a hurry if give the opportunity.  If this game turns into a shootout, Idaho has a clear advantage.
  • Stay out of 3rd and long – don’t want to allow the Idaho defense to get too comfortable blitzing on 3rd down.  With some of the youth on the o-line, this could potentially be an issue.  Need to get yardage on 1st and 2nd down and control the tempo of the game.
  • Get the ‘new guys’ involved immediately – shake off the butterflies and nervousness by getting the ball early to Greg Hardin, Jake Miller and RJ McGill to build their confidence.  These guys will be counted on to make plays all year.  Might as well get them involved right away.
  • Don’t turn the ball over.

Another variable that will contribute to the outcome of this game is the health of Josh Murray.  We are hearing that Murray practiced for the first time in a while yesterday after suffering an apparent injury.  All indications are that he is getting better and that he will play on Thursday.  How much is yet to be determined.