Wentz Update

Our  sources in Bismarck have informed us that Carson Wentz will be going to NDSU this weekend on an official visit.  He has already visited UND and SDSU and has offers from all three.  Being there has only been a total of 3 recruiting weekends possible to this point and him taking visits on all three tells us that he is not going to take many in January.  Central Michigan could be a possibility but we don’t know what they are doing with him and we have not heard of any other schools coming in late.  We do know a couple members of the UND coaching staff were seen at the Century basketball game last night watching Wentz which tells us they are still hard after him.

With all of the high-quality OL and WR commitments this year and the OL and overall skill talent from last year’s class, Wentz would be a finishing piece to run the new Pistol offense.  We have all seen what Nevada did with 6’5” Colin Kaepernick running their Pistol offense this past year.  That doesn’t mean Wentz will have the same unparalleled success as Kaepernick but he does have similar size, etc.  To have a QB who can run consistently would add a much needed dimension to this diverse offense.

Stay tuned because this is shaping up to be a major recruiting battle in the upper Midwest.

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  1. UND92,96

    NDSU has a commitment from a quarterback already, although obviously it’s not particularly unusual to sign two in one class, as UND did last year.

    1. Interesting point. They have all three QB’s back next year, plus Thornton from Bismarck, who redshirted, and a commitment from a QB out of Arizona. That’s 5 scholarship QB’s.

  2. UND92,96

    Any word on whether UND is seriously looking at bringing in either a JUCO or FBS transfer quarterback to compete for the starting job in 2011?

  3. Banger

    I think this kid is a must have. I watched one game of his this year and appeared to have a very accurate arm and a tough runner. I hope he realizes how tough it will be to beat out the kid from Arizona. He ranked very high on rivals.com and I think the NDSU coaching staff is set on him for the future. Not that he can’t beat him out I just think that kid will be given all the chances.

    1. Joel Bird

      Wentz had a basketball game on Saturday night in Williston so I don’t think he probably was in Fargo this past weekend.

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