The Sioux have signed Junior College QB Joey Bradley of Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.  The Diablo Valley College Football website confirms it.  Bradley is a 4 for 3 player, meaning he can redshirt and still have 3 years left to play.  However, we do not anticipate him redshirting.  Bradley is enrolled at UND for the spring semester and should be eligible for spring practices.  He originally hails from Issaquah, WA where he attended Issaquah High School.

Bradley, 6′-1″ 170 lbs, steered the Vikings to an 8-2 record in 2010.  He also led the entire California Community College Association in passing yards (3,636) and passing TD’s (33).  He had 26 INT’s to go with that, which will need to be taken care of.  Bradley played in the pistol offense at DVC meaning he will be familiar with the scheme from day one.  They liked to throw the ball with Bradley (458 attempts) so he should bring decent experience with him.  He seems to have very good pocket presence, can throw on the run and consistently shows a very nice deep ball.  He reminds us a little of 2008 UND QB Danny Freund with his similar size and quick release.

As we all saw late last season after Jake Landry was injured, bringing in a JUCO QB was a high priority for the staff moving forward into 2011.  Bradley should provide the Sioux with depth and a solid option at QB immediately this spring & into the fall to go along with senior Brent Goska and redshirt freshmen Chris Comes and Trey Demler.  The battle will begin in spring ball.



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    1. We don’t know yet for sure, but our guess is yes. Hendrickson probably will be too far down the depth chart at QB, and his athletic talent needs to be utilized somewhere on the field. The kid is gifted. He just needs to get a better handle of the offense at the WR position. Remember, he started as a QB last year then moved to WR before being moved back to QB at the end of the season after Landry’s injury. Spring ball should help him immensely at the WR position going into the fall.

      Just our guess.

    1. The kid threw the ball 458 times in his first year of juco ball. He is definitely a work in progress but the stats and tape show that he knows how to chuck it around and can make some plays.

      Just so everyone understands, if he was the best Juco QB in the country UND would not be getting him. A Pac 10 school would. The kid has a definite upside but its going to take time and experience like it does with every QB.

        1. If you’re serious, thank you. We can spin stuff just like other blogs do but in this case we figured it would be better to be up front and include things like interceptions in the blog post. That way people know his weaknesses and don’t just get all the positive glamorous stats. The fans will realize he is still a young kid who has only played one year of football and it will take time to adjust to this level.
          What we like is that he can throw the football with success, which is something the Sioux didn’t have at the end of last year. From reading articles he seems to be a smart kid football wise, which we all know is probably the most important attribute of all.

  1. homer

    Thanks for the hardwork Oskie. This kid will be a different style qb than what we currently have on the roster. We’ll have some competition at qb this spring and that is never a bad thing. Hopefully this makes everyone better. Most of the qb’s at colleges from this region would have been above 20 INT’s if they would have thrown the ball almost 500 times. His decision making can always be improved upon.

    1. This may be stating the obvious, but I think they will if they feel there is still a quality scholarship QB out there that they want. At this point though, I think that is unlikely to happen unless someone good just falls into their laps from one of the distance states. Maybe they will save their QB money and roster spot for next year. Joel Mollberg, the Detroit Lakes QB, is one to watch locally for the class of 2012.

      At this point, if I had to guess I would say the odds of UND bringing in a scholarship HS QB into this class is about 20%. Just a guess.

      1. UND92,96

        If you believe rivals, UND does or did have an offer to the top quarterback in Nebraska–Broekemeier (sp?). Maybe that was incorrect, or perhaps the offer has since been pulled.

    1. Hang in there my friend. We are working on them and think we have a couple but are waiting for more confirmation. If the weekend went well there should be 3-4 coming with a couple others still deciding. We are speculating that there were 2-3 other kids from CA last weekend along with a couple from the KS, NE and IA region.

      We are trying to make all the contact we can and will put up anything we find asap.

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