Our Opinion: An Important Radio Hire

As has been documented over the last few days, UND play-by-play announcer Dan Hammer will be leaving his position at Radio Fargo-Moorhead to take a position at KVLY TV as its sports director.  Hammer has been calling UND Football games since the 2004 season.  We thank Dan for his service, will miss him, and wish him the best in the future.

In losing Hammer, UND loses a great play-by-play announcer who had great chemistry with current color commentator Mike Berg.  Both did their homework in great detail prior to each game and came well-prepared on gamedays.  The athletic department needs to keep Berg around regardless.  His passion for UND Football and overall knowledge of the game is a perfect complement for whoever is hired next as play-by-play.

We hope that UND’s administration doesn’t take the next hiring lightly.  The easy thing to do would be to just handpick someone locally without looking around to see what’s available out there.  It is our hope that they will take the time to open it up, interview a few ‘outsiders’ and then choose the best candidate.  If after the process plays out, it is decided that we have the best person locally, then so be it.  But this hiring is important.  This will be the voice of UND Football heading into what is no doubt its most important years as a Division 1 program and into the fledgling years of the Big Sky Conference.

UND’s last three play-by-play voices were Scott Miller, Ed Schultz and Dan Hammer.  Love them or hate them, all did an outstanding job calling football and bringing the game to your living room or car.  We have been very lucky and spoiled to have all of them.  They made you excited to listen to the game on the radio if you weren’t able to attend the game in person.

We, as well as all the other Sioux Football fans, want the next “Voice of UND Football” to make us excited to listen to their unique call of the game each week.

UND Athletic Administration and Brian Faison:  Please do not take this hiring lightly….make the GREAT hire.

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  1. homer

    Great post. I second this. With the larger footprint of the Big Sky conference radio play by play will be very important. Usually even if I’m watching a road game on TV or the internet I listened to Hammer and Mike.

  2. Suhaki

    How about Jack Michaels? He’s out in Bismarck doing U of Mary athletics, and his talent is really going to waste there. He would be an incredible local hire for UND.

    1. banger

      Somebody stated on Sioux forum that he was a NDSU grad and ex-Bison baseball player. If this is true, I doubt he’d even want it.

  3. banger

    I also agree. I would like to see somebody with UND bloodlines. Although he was very good, I really didn’t like Shultz calling games at first. That really had to grow on me. I would love to listen to the game knowing the guy on the other end bleeds the right shade of green.

  4. fortheloveofpete

    The person should have some ties with either the University or UND football. It was hard to listen to Ed Schultz when you knew he was a Bison backer.

  5. siouxguy

    i agree with the above comments. i thought Hammer and Berg worked well together. Coach Berg brings great knowledge of the game and my hope is he stays on to do color. a talented UND grad, or even an area native who might have been educated elsewhere (with the exception of moo u), would be the best choice.


    How about Jack Michaels? He’s out in Bismarck doing U of Mary athletics, and his talent is really going to waste there. He would be an incredible local hire for UND.

    Yea right, UND is a HUGE step up. Brain freeze has set in.

    1. UND92,96

      So you don’t think UND is a step up from Mary, huh? Brain freeze indeed. Not that I’m a fan of Michaels anyway.

  7. honoco

    Some of you aren’t thinking – what’s the pay for a very part time job? I wouldn’t expect someone on top of the food chain.

    1. UND92,96

      Whomever gets the job won’t be doing it primarily for the money. I’m pretty sure Tim Hennessy hasn’t gotten rich doing UND hockey, but he’s done it forever and does an excellent job.

      While I’m not really aware of too many in GF who would be obvious candidates, it is quite possible that there’s somebody in Fargo or Bismarck or even the Twin Cities who has experience and who would be willing to take the job.

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