Spring Game – April 16th

The annual Fighting Sioux Spring Game is coming up this weekend.  Game time is 1pm at the Alerus Center.

  1. The football staff decided to change up the format this year.  They made it into an actual “game” this year.  The coaches split into two groups and held a draft to formulate two teams that will play against one another.  For the past 20+ years the spring game would simply be offense vs. defense.  That format started to get stale as there was no real flow to the game.  This way the two teams will play a normal football game and hopefully that will make this event more fan friendly.  We applaud their ability to realize something needed to be changed.
  2. We are anxious to see some of the young talent that will be on display.  Although we are disappointed that Comes, Ivery, and Butler will not be playing, there are plenty of others to check out.  Spencer Cummings on the DL, Taylor Grant at TE, Daryl Brown at CB, Darren Deneui at LT, Ben Peters at ILB, and of course, Joey Bradley at QB.  All of these guys are going to be expected to contribute next year.
  3. The fans will get a chance to score points for their assigned team during each of the quarters, as laid out here.
  4. Former Sioux greats and current professional football players Weston Dressler and Chris Kuper are going to be on hand, along with State Senator and former Sioux Mac Schneider.  They will be serving as three of the judges for the Sioux Tailgate Cookoff Challenge.  The list of judges and Cook-Off participants can be found here.  That is a very impressive list of participants that are going to be vying for the title and handing out free food!
  5. You gotta hand it to Brian Faison and the athletic department for going all out this year.  They even have a free clinic for the kids on the football field before the game, beside all of the tailgating events.  Hopefully fans of all sports will show up and support not only the football team, but the athletic department in general for going to such great lengths to make this a true event.
  6. Here is the timeline of events:
  • 5:00 AM: Parking/tailgate opens
  • 9:00:  Food competition check in begins. (16 area businesses are giving away free food)
  • 10:30:  People’s choice fan judging begins. (This is for all the business that are giving away free food)
  • 10:30:  Live music, family scavenger hunt, interactive games begin in the parking lot
  • 11:00:  Kid’s clinic begins on Alerus turf (K-8th Grade)
  • 12:00:  Kid’s clinic finishes and BBQ judging begins
  • 12:30:  Team takes field for warm-ups, BBQ judging finishes
  • 12:30:  All-Alerus Team autographs on concourse
  • 12:52:  Team leaves the field
  • 1:00:  Team takes field thru helmet
  • 1:02:  Moment of silence for former Sioux QB Jay Gustafson and Jerry (The Campus Barber) Pokrzywinski
  • 1:05: Coin toss with honorary captains and coaches
  • 1:07:  Kickoff

– The game will be 15 minute quarters of running time. After each quarter break, they will have a fan contest:

– End of 1st Quarter:  Longest punt contest, 2 guys and 2 girls (winner will get 3 points for either team)

– Half Time:  Throwing contest, 2 guys and 2 girls (winner will get 3 points for either team)

– Winners of the BBQ contest announced.

– All-Alerus Team is introduced.

– End of 3rd quarter: Field goal contest, 2 guys and 2 girls (winner will get 3 points for either team)

– Jarrell Davis, former Sioux WR in 2010, will be interviewing during the game our honorary coaches and fans from the stands.