Future Schedule Thoughts

  • 2012 could not have been laid out much better than it did for Sioux fans.  They get 4 of the Top 6 teams in the Big Sky at home (Poly, NAU, UM, SUU).
  • UND plays their first ever Big Sky game at Sacramento State on Sept 22, 2012.  The current Sac State AD is former UND AD Terry Wanless.
  • UND has their bye week on the weekend of deer hunting in 2012.  Very nice.
  • The Sioux will not play the two current worst teams in the Big Sky in 2012 (Idaho State – Portland State), making the 2012 schedule difficult at best when you throw in Central Arkansas and San Diego State.
  • Our sources are telling us there is an extremely low buyout for the SD Mines game, meaning that Mr. Faison is working on getting an FCS team in the Alerus Center in place of that game.  We are becoming optimistic that UND will fill that spot with a FCS team.
  • We have a gut feeling that Montana will not be coming in 2013.  It would not make any sense for them to come to the Alerus Center three years in a row.  They will be coming in 2012 and 2014 and by our best guess the Sioux will be going out to Montana in 2013.  Which is just fine with us and is only fair.  Plus, UND already has 6 home games that season.
  • To get Montana at home in our first year of conference play is very nice.
  • From everything we’ve heard South Dakota State in 2013 is still on and has a nice sized buyout as insurance.
  • The Sioux will be playing at Wyoming in 2015 as their guarantee game.  Nice to see the FBS games getting closer to home.
  • The 2013 home schedule is already finished with 6 home games.
  • One final part of the Fighingsioux.com article that caught our eye was this quote:  Fans wanting to take advantage of the low season ticket prices for both the 2011 and 2012 football seasons can purchase those today by calling 1-877-917-4689.  Fans can buy season tickets for $50 a seat for the 2012 season also.  That is HUGE value folks.  By honoring current prices for 2012 it tells us the athletic department is serious about trying to get fans in the seats.

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  1. Hambone

    I love the schedules that are being put out there. If the Mines game is replaced by an FCS, that would be wonderful. Also, you say that Montana probably won’t be here, but would there be some sort of financial incentive for the Sioux to play there again, since it’s truly the return game from our 2010 game at WaGriz? Also, since there are 12 games in 2013, wouldn’t it be nice to have 7 home games (conference schedule, Montana, SDSU and Valpo (not ideal)) and 5 road games?

    Any way you slice it, I really do like what’s coming out in the schedules……

    1. It would be awesome to have 7 home games in 2013. I just have a hard time believing Montana is going to be come to Grand Forks 3 years in a row. We will have to wait and see what happens.

      We love the way the scheduling has turned out. We would absolutely love it if Montana were to come to Grand Forks in 2013, don’t get us wrong.

  2. MoSiouxFan

    Great schedule for the next 4 years. IMO, though, someone needs to wake up and get NDSU on the schedule, even if it is every other year. Univ. of South Dakota, too. These are two rivalries that are too good to leave behind, especially NDSU. It would make what are already good schedules unbelievably good.

  3. Hambone

    Quick question – have you heard any rumblings about who they’re trying to get to replace Mines in 2012? Maybe note even a name, but maybe they can get someone they’re not playing in the Sky schedule, and we can return the trip in 2014 (or 2013 since we still have one opening for that 12 week schedule, and 7 home games already). Just curious on whether you’ve heard anyone mentioned…..

    1. We have not heard any possible names. Once we found out about the low buyout, it immediately told us that UND may have simply scheduled that game to make sure they had one, then they were going to work on getting a better one. Now that the schedule is filling up rather nicely we think Faison may get a bit more aggressive in scheduling, as evidenced by the Robert Morris game. If we had to guess we would say it will be a winnable FCS game based on how ridiculously hard the 2012 schedule already is.

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