Camp Thoughts

Just a few thoughts from us heading into fall camp thus far.  We will followup shortly with what we have seen and heard so far from both sides of the ball in practice:

  • The defensive line, as outlined here, will be very talented and no doubt one of the best starting fronts in recent memory.  Brenneman, Bellmore, and Benjamin all have the size and experience to not only hold their own in the 3-4 system but consistently create some plays on their own.  Here is the problem with the DL:  Depth.  Besides Jay Nelson, there is very little experience.  The Sioux had to have been counting on Milhomme Jean-Charles to play a considerable amount this fall and now that he is not with the team it leaves them rail thin if there is an injury to any of the top 4 DL.   Spencer Cummings, Ekenna Anya-Gafu, Ben Henson, and Seth Stanchik are going to have to grow up in a hurry.  The Sioux are really lucky they don’t play a 4-3.
  • The position battle at cornerback should be an interesting one.  With Dom Hawkins moving to free safety to add much needed athleticism to that position, the Sioux lose a 3 year starter at corner but are not without depth, albeit young depth.  Chavon Mackey started opposite Hawkins as a Fr. last season but is suspended for the first two games this season.  This opens the door for others to make their mark.  Mackey’s sunshine state buddy, Soph. Chris Hall saw considerable playing time last season and should vie for one of the starting corner spots.  Sr. Kenny Hawkins should have the edge at the other starting spot based on experience and his better play last season.  The last person in the mix is Fr. Daryl Brown from Wayzata, MN.  We have heard nothing but glowing reviews about his athleticism and overall solid play in spring ball and now into fall camp.  Our bet is Hall and Watkins start the Drake and Idaho games with Brown substituting in frequently.   The cornerback position is one that needs to improve this season and we are hoping the addition of coach Benny Boyd will help that happen.
  • After hearing recent quotes from Coach Mussman, we get the feeling the QB battle is going to drag on for awhile, being they are so close together initially.  Lets just hope that one QB, regardless of who it is, will take the job and run with it and the staff will go with him and never look back.  A man once said, “if you got two quarterbacks, you got no quarterbacks”.
  • The Sioux are picked 5th out of 5 teams in the Phil Steele Great West conference preseason prognostications.  If there was ever a need for motivation that would be it.  They got the two teams at home that they know they can beat in Cal-Poly and USD.  That helps.
  • There continues to be much talk about the Indoor Practice Facility coming to fruition soon.  It seems an announcement of some sort is imminent.  There are definitely some recruits in the area that would be interested in knowing the facility is going to be built.  Also, it won’t be just an Indoor Practice Facility.  It would also house the Sioux football locker rooms, state of the art coaches offices, and brand new weight room for the football team.   To say this facility would be a game changer for the program is an understatement.  You would have to go a long ways to find another one like it at the FCS level.  Without doing a ton of research, we only know of two others (Appalachian State and Youngstown State).  Central Arkansas has a very simple indoor type facility, nothing like the other two.

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  1. UND9296

    Any idea how Cummings and Anya-Gafu compare to where Brenneman was two years ago? I only ask because Brenneman seemed to step in and contribute well as a red-shirt freshman. I’m not as familiar with Anya-Gafu, but Cummings was quite highly-touted coming out of high school, and he seems to have good size and athletic ability.

    1. Good to hear from you again, 9296. I would say Cummings is close to a Brenneman and how he was as a Freshman. Cummings is going to be a good player but like every other freshman it is going to take time. I would say your Cummings analogy is valid. Anya-Gafu is a bit undersized now and will be a different type of player. He is athletic but will struggle vs. the run for awhile. However, he will be able to make plays from the DL in passing downs.

      Based on lack of depth, all of these young DL are going to get plays this year and will take their lumps but it will pay off down the road. Ben Henson and Caleb Nelson will also be thrown in their to give the Big 4 a breather.

  2. siouxyeahyeah

    what type of offense will the sioux be running this year? are they staying with the pistol or switching to a pro style offense?

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