Day After Drake Thoughts

The Sioux took care of Drake 16-0 last night in a fairly uneventful game.  Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Overall, the defense was pretty good.  They didn’t give up much and when Drake did complete a pass there were hardly any yards after catch.   Tackling was very good for the first game of the year.  Drake hit a 39 yard play and an 18 yarder but not much else of substance.
  • The Sioux dominated the first half statistically 200-75 in yards.  Time of possession was 19:00 to 11:00.
  • Sioux D forced two turnovers, a turnover on downs, and blocked a FG (Broc Bellmore – again).  The fumble recovery on their own 5 yard line was the turning point in the game.  If Drake scores that makes it 13-7 instead of 13-0.
  • Sioux D also had 4 sacks and held Drake to 244 total yards.
  • Drake only had 43 yards rushing on 23 carries.  Defensive line won the battle.
  • Way too many penalties.  That is an area the Sioux were very good in last season.  12 penalties for 98 yards is unacceptable.
  • The Sioux offense was stagnant most of the night.   They had some nice plays but would usually follow them up with a penalty or a miscue.  They have got to get rid of the stupid penalties and cannot afford to put themselves in long yardage situations.  Play-calling was very conservative like we said it would be in our game preview for week 1 with a true sophomore QB making his 1st start.
  • QB Joey Bradley showed some signs that he is the guy.   He was 18-26 for 137 yards but there were several drops by his receivers which would have boosted those numbers.  He showed that he definitely has the tools, now he just has to get comfy.  He managed a conservative offense very well last night.
  • The Sioux offense was 10-18 on third down.  Not too bad.
  • The offensive line had a bad day.  They repeatedly were beat on twists and stunts up front to the tune of 5 sacks.  They are young but are going to have to grow up quickly with two FBS games coming up.  However, to be fair there were a couple times when Bradley could have stepped up in the pocket rather than bail out the back door only to run into the outside rushers.  Also, on at least one occasion, we noticed the RB failed to pick up a LB in the protection.  These are things sometimes that get missed by fans.  First game for a lot of guys out there so we all need to relax, us included.
  • Too many dropped balls…Anderson had one and Daggett’s TD drop has got to be caught.  Very surprised to not see Tyrhe Ivery in there.   Also would have liked to see Blair Townsend be more involved and active.
  • Expect to see more and more Jer Garman as time goes on.   It is apparent they need all hands on deck in this offense.  Garman will get his touches as the season progresses and become more involved.  We see him as a 3rd down back.  Hopefully more on offense as well as returning punts and kicks in the coming weeks.  They didn’t pull his shirt to give him 1 touch per game.
  • Redshirt freshman OLB Myles Jablonsky was noticeable on a handful of plays and barely missed his first sack of his career.  He will be an asset from a depth perspective as the season wears on.
  • Linebackers and secondary played well.  Drake threw pretty much everything short and they reacted up and tackled it.   Nice improvement from last season.  Corners definitely will have to tighten up the coverage and change things up but we are assuming that will happen as the season goes on.  While they have gotten better since last year, they definitely need to tighten up more for the short throws.
  • Blitzing really picked up in the 2nd half as they seemed to get a feel for what Drake wanted to do.
  • Kicker Zeb Miller had an outstanding day.  He was 3 for 3 on field goals and his kickoffs were all high and landed around the 5 yard line.
  • Starting RT Brandon Quesenberry, the only senior of the group, left the game with a high ankle sprain.  That tells us he will probably be out for 3-6 weeks.   Didn’t appear to be any other injuries.
  • Special teams were pretty good overall.  One long kick return was about it.   Dan Hendrickson was his usual terror on the kickoff and teamed up with Ethan Magstadt to deliver a hellacious hit on the kick returner.
  • +2 in the turnover category is huge.  They need to keep trending that way as the year progresses after last year’s awful turnover margin.
  • In summary, they did what they had to do to win the game.   The defense played well overall but definitely has a ways to go.  The offense will be a work in progress, as it usually is this time of the year.   Joey Bradley played like a true sophomore in his first game.  It is going to take time.   If the offensive line can clear up their issues it will improve the overall offense’s ability greatly. We expect the offense to be much more aggressive at Idaho.
  • Last but definitely not least to some, we heard the betting line was the Sioux by 14.  Zeb Miller’s late field goal meant the Sioux covered the spread.  Double victory.



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  1. goodshowing

    All in all, I thought we looked pretty good for a season opener with a new, young QB. Defense and special teams will be strong areas early on as the offense develops. I liked the the athleticism I saw. I’m optimistic that we’re on the right track.

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