Mike Edwards Commits To Sioux

We have confirmed via Wissports.net that lineman Mike Edwards has committed to the Sioux.  Edwards, 6’2″-290, is a left guard on the offensive line for Sun Prairie, WI and also plays defensive tackle.    We project him as being a NG in college based on his massive size-or possibly an offensive guard if need be.   He will fit perfect in the middle of a defensive 3-4 scheme, controlling the A gaps.

According to Wissports.net, Edwards is the #6 rated OL in Wisconsin and is a three year starter.  He was first-team All Conference last season for the Cardinals, who have won back to back Big Eight titles.  




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  1. MN sioux

    Just curious………..and a totally unrelated question. Does anyone know what is the reasoning is on playing Jake Miller on the kicking receive team on the front line in the middle, directly across from the opposing team’s kicker. I can see having your best running back on the kick receive team, I just find it odd they are playing him where typically it would be someone more on the bruiser level at the front line blocking. I only noticed it last week, not sure if it’s been that way all year.

    1. We noticed him out there as well. The only thing we can think of is to get more athleticism on the front line to slow down the Poly kickoff team. You just hope he doesn’t get hurt on something like that though.

  2. UND92,96

    Sounds like Brian Labat from Detroit Lakes has also committed to UND, according to a tweet by the DL paper’s sports writer.

    1. Sounds like he hasn’t “officially” committed yet. From everything we heard down there he certainly likes UND and there is a good chance he could end up there along with Mollberg. We will have to wait and see.

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