Anthony Taylor – Montini High (Illinois)

The Sioux have received a verbal commitment from WR/Athlete Anthony Taylor of Montini High School in Lombard, IL (western suburb of Chicago).   Taylor, 6′-0″-180lbs, is projected to be a WR.  Taylor is the second Illinois commit for 2012 (QB Ryan Bartels).   Illinois appears to be an important part of the Sioux’s recruiting emphasis this year.  He chose the Sioux over an offer from South Dakota.

Taylor was one of two excellent receivers for Montini as his teammate, Jordan Westerkamp, is attending Nebraska next fall.  Montini won the 5A state title in 2011, scoring 70 points in the championship game.   It is safe to say that Taylor is used to winning – Montini is the three-time defending state champion and ended the 2011 season ranked #4 in all of Illinois. 

Taylor appears to have very good speed and his coach attests to it in this article.  He finished the 2011 season with 57 catches for 957 yards and 8 TD’s and those numbers may have been even bigger if he had not played next to a four-star receiver who had 29 TD’s.  He also carried the ball a handful of times.   In track, Taylor is the defending conference champion in the 100 and 200.

Taylor will definitely help out the depth at the WR position and appears to be quite versatile.   We can see him not only playing receiver but also possibly returning kicks.   He is the type of player you try not to pigeon hole-you just want to get him out on the field.

Junior Highlights






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  1. Hambone

    Looks like he will be a pretty good player for UND.

    Has there been any contact with JD Pride to your knowledge? He is tranferring to an FCS school from the UofM to move back to QB, as the U had moved him to receiver. It appears that Indiana State may be the front runner, but maybe UND will try to entice him to become a member of the UND squad.

    1. We have heard Pride wants to play QB also. That leads us to think he will not end up at UND. I think Indiana State will be his likely destination.

          1. RC

            So, who is the odd man out if a transfer QB is incoming? Bradley, Comes, Mollberg, Bartels AND a transfer? Would they keep 5 on roster?

          2. Oh boy. First off, we know the two freshman are coming. If they get a transfer, that makes 3. It would have to be Comes or Bradley but to pick which one is nearly impossible. They could keep 5 but that is an awful lot of scholarship money tied up in QB’s.

          3. UND9296

            Assuming it is juco quarterbacks being looked at as potential additions, do you think it would be better to go after a “dual threat”-type qb, similar to Rennie from UNI, so that even if his passing accuracy is inconsistent, he can still provide a running threat? IMO, that is a problem with Bradley. He’s not a runner, so his passing has to be really accurate to compensate. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen that kind of accuracy, at least so far.

          4. We have heard that UND has been contacted or maybe even visited by at least one FBS QB looking to transfer. That would add a whole new dynamic to the conversation. If true, that would be released soon after Christmas because they need to be enrolled by the start of school.

            If they went Juco I would assume it would be a pass-first QB. Good dual threat QB’s are hard to come by for FCS programs.

    2. Not to be a “killjoy”, but if JD Pride wants to be a QB, (and it sounds like he definitely does according to the Star Tribune snippet from a couple weeks back), I do not believe UND will go after him.

      He is a great athlete, but unproven at QB and I tend to think the UND offensive coaches would be more inclined to go after a more sure thing at that position if they do indeed take a FBS or JUCO transfer of some sort. Someone more along the lines of a pure pocket passer who is still a good athlete. I question Pride’s ability to step in at the QB spot next season and be able to do the job. Maybe in a year or two, but not right away. My understanding is that Pride has been playing WR at Minnesota. UND needs a QB who can step in right away and lead the offense, whether that QB is already on the roster or is scheduled to enroll for spring semester remains to be seen.

      Now if Pride wants to play WR at UND on the other hand, that’s a different story. He is definitely a talented athlete.

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out. UND definitely needs a QB to bridge the gap to Joe Mollberg in a couple years.

      1. UND9296

        Not to put you on the spot, but are you able to say whether the rumored prospective FBS transfer who may have been in contact with UND is somebody other than Pride? Not looking for names, just wondering whether it’s somebody who was actually listed as a qb on the roster of an FBS program.

        1. We don’t know who it is but Pride’s name never came up so are assuming it isn’t him-being he is local and all. If we hear anything we will pass it on but it may be a few weeks since Christmas is shutting everything down.

  2. FSSD

    Looking at the highlights – they had him in the backfield, slot, TE and split wide. He looks fast and you can really run alot of different sets with him on the field. Welcome to North Dakota Mr. Taylor

  3. FSSD

    I also wonder how much the coaching change at USD impacted his recruiting. Ed seemed to have strong connections in Illinois

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  5. cfm

    What’s going to happen with the name and address of your blog once the Sioux name is forever gone? Will there be a change, or just keep it the same until something new is officially adopted?

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