QB Transfer Braden Hanson

The UND football team has picked up a quarterback via the Atlantic Coast Conference.   Braden Hanson from the University of North Carolina has decided to transfer to UND.  He will have one year of eligibility remaining and will be enrolling at UND for the spring semester. 

Hanson, 6’6″ – 215, is a tall, lanky lefty who appears to be strictly a pocket passer with the mobility to move around if needed.  North Carolina ran a west coast type of offense the past couple years meaning Hanson should be fine operating under center and executing the play-action game.  His height will be a definite advantage in the passing game as he will be able to survey the field easier.  

Hanson could not have come out of high school with many more accolades than he did.   Hanson was the North Carolina High School Player of the Year in 2007 – the #18 overall QB in the country – and had nine offers out of high school (Michigan State, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, etc.).   He also threw for 5,600 yards and 81 TD’s in his last two seasons of high school.  

We see a nice bridge here for the Sioux program.   With highly regarded QB recruits Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels both coming in this fall, the Sioux can utilize Hanson’s talents in 2012 while preparing both Mollberg and Bartels during their redshirt season’s.   Then, the hope is that one of the two is ready to go in 2013.   One other important aspect that should not be overlooked is how Hanson could have the ability to “tutor” the younger QB’s, even Bradley, as he is only a true junior.   Hopefully, he is able to bring some of what he has been taught by OC John Shoop up to UND and help the progression of the quarterbacks and even the wide receivers.  

With the Sioux offensive line and wide receiver talent improving greatly the past few seasons, we can’t help but think that adding Hanson could be the piece that helps this offense become more of a consistent force this next fall.   They have shown they want to commit to the power running game and play-action passing.  Inconsistency at QB plagued them in 2011 and they were still able to pull out a 8-3 record and a GWC Championship.   Hopefully, Hanson will be the guy to bring it all together.

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  1. homer

    This is great work by the coaching staff. Our offense will improve dramatically with more consistent play from the QB position. I’m hoping Hanson will provide that. This also shows players on the roster that if the coaches feel the talent isn’t there, they will go out and find it. There is nothing wrong with creating competition within the roster as that what drives a team to be better. Welcome to UND Braden.

  2. Hobey Frattin

    Anyone know how the connection was first initiated between the coaching staff and Mr. Hanson? A former Sioux coach or player out in that area now?

  3. UND9296

    The feeling in the past on this blog and elsewhere was that UND probably wasn’t in the best position to land an FBS transfer, particularly at quarterback, due in large part to our geographical location being so far away from FBS programs (aside from MN). Any idea how this particular transfer happened, considering Hanson not only attended UNC, but played his high school ball in North Carolina?

    1. I admit this one threw us for a loop, which tells us there is a connection. The word gets out which schools are open to transfers but for the word to get down to UNC is strange. I am sure it will come out soon if the Herald writes an article on it.

    2. Dale Hanson

      The transfer was initiated by his father, who was born in Fargo. I am Braden’s uncle, born in Grand Forks and raised in Fargo in the 50’s/60. My father (Braden’s grandfather), Glen Hanson, was a newscaster at WDAY-TV in Fargo in the late 50’s/early sixties. Braden’s great-uncle is a UND grad. You are getting a really great kid here; I can’t wait to come to GF frm Chicago and see him play. I also hope he can score tickets to the Ralph for hockey – go Sioux!

      1. Dale,

        Wow, thanks a bunch for the info! We and others are very excited to have Braden at UND and hope for great things out of him next year. Whether he is our starter or not next fall, we hope he can tutor and mentor Bradley and Comes and make them better along the way since we will definitely need them next year and in the future. QB depth is always tested at some point and competition is always a good thing to push everyone to be their best.

        Again thanks for the insight!

        1. Dale Hanson

          You are more than welcome. And I’m not kidding about the hockey tickets. I was at the Ralph last January for the Minnesota series and thought I had walked into a slightly smaller version of Chicago’s United Center. Go Sioux.

          1. JohnnyT

            Us UND fans are very excited to have your relative playing for our squad. Can’t wait for the season to start!

          2. Bill

            We are very excited to have Braden joining the football team. We have a nucleus for a very good football team. We finished a ranked team. Hopefully he will be the one to lead us to Frisco Texas. Welcome aboard.

  4. Go Sioux

    With a good thrower, let’s hope tMiller is moved to WR and they bring in a bigger, durable, fast RB – or two. Miller played great last year and is a tough kid, but the difference in size between NDSU and UND at RB, LB and DB is very apparent. Can UND play with them adding a couple pieces? Absolutely. Last year’s team? Not so sure………

    1. geaux sioux

      this may come as a shock to you but UND actually has the bigger team. Look at the rosters. It’s just a case of one uniform looking different than the other. And Sutton is bigger than any NDSU runner. DB though, there is a difference.

  5. Peter Blunt

    Geaux Sioux- Didn’t you mean that the SOO uniform looks “better’ not different. Because as we all know, those urine yellow colored dresses that the Ag. College use are beyond ugly.

    1. geaux sioux

      By different I was referring to making the players look bigger. Part of it is color, part of it is design, and they also fit. Don’t even get me started on how ugly those mustard/piss (either or) unis are. Anything NDSU is ugly in my opinion. You can’t beat a nice kelly green on black.

  6. JW

    Wow! Hanson must really be something. From what I am understanding, he’s already the starter for the 2012 season, he’s going to tutor the young qbs AND the receivers. And, because we now have a thrower, Miller should be moved to WR. This is all from a kid who is 11 for 22 (3 picks) and a total of 192 yrds in his 3 year career at UNC. What am I missing?

    1. Your sarcasm is noted.

      Nobody said he was the starter but if he is anything near as good as he is advertised, he will win the job. Also, of course he is going to help the younger QB’s and receivers. They work together every day. He is a 5th year senior who has played in the ACC under Butch Davis and John Shoop for 4 years. We are pretty sure he learned a thing or two.

      He was the backup at UNC behind TJ Yates (Houston Texans QB) and was beat out by the current QB Renner. The backup at UNC can be good enough to be the starter at UND, pretty sure.

      If he is not any good then he will get beat out by either Bradley or Comes. We do understand that those two are still young QB’s and will get better. We also understand from your previous posts that you are a Bradley fan.

      The bottom line is that he only has one year left. If he is as good as his resume says he is, he will be in the mix to start. If not so be it. UND has nothing to lose in this deal.

    1. He is at Butte College in California. From everything we understand about how it works, he will have to graduate from Butte to be eligible to move on to UND. That means he needs to attend Butte next year also – and graduate. Since he did not qualify for UND out of high school he has to finish JC.

      Those situations are all unique but we are applying past examples to his. We think that is how it works.

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