Anthony Fletcher – Desert Edge High School (Goodyear, AZ)

WR Anthony Fletcher (6’2″-180lbs) of Desert Edge High School in Goodyear, Arizona has verbally committed to play football at The University of North Dakota.  Fletcher was a DIII First Team All-State WR for the Scorpions in 2011 and was a two-time all-conference selection.

Desert Edge, coached by Rich Wellbrock, finished the 2011 season with a  7-4 record after losing 33-6 in the 1st round of the Division III playoffs to eventual state runner-up Cactus.

During his junior campaign, Fletcher caught 56 passes for 652 yards and 6 TDs.  In his senior year, he caught 49 passes for 1,004 yards and 9 TD’s, averaging a whopping 21 yds/catch.   He had a season high 222 yards on 6 catches and 2 TD’s in Week 3 vs. Youngker.  Fletcher is what we would call a “combo WR” of size and speed.  He should be able to go up and make the big play over smaller DBs and also be an underneath possession threat on intermediate routes as well.

Fletcher is the third known WR commit to the class of 2012, which could be the best WR class UND has seen in quite some time.   A theme that we have noticed this year is size.   The UND program looks to be making it a point of adding some bigger receivers as they head into the pass-happy Big Sky.

Fletcher is the 13th known verbal of the 2012 recruiting class and the 1st from the Grand Canyon State.



Anthony Fletcher - Desert Edge HS

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  1. The Sicatoka

    So the Desert Edge Scorpions ended their season with a loss to eventual state runner-up Cactus. The Desert Edge Scorpions. What’s Cactus’ moniker? The Cactus Needles? 😀

    Nice to see some receivers over six feet tall again.

  2. Pat R.

    Nice to see a guy with some size. Seems to be comfortable with inside/bubble screens as well, and we all know Mussman will run those to death. I like his ability to go up and get the ball, but it looks like he could be a little faster. Didn’t look like there was a lot of talent he was going up against either.

    1. We had read some stuff about Adams decommitting from Hawaii, so we were looking into it. I have made some calls on this recently and here’s how I understand it to be from a source in Minot:

      Gordy Shaw was Adams’ original recruiter and connection to Hawaii and the main reason why Adams originally committed to play there. Shaw was the o-line coach there and previously had been the o-line coach at USD prior for a short stint and at Minnesota for a very long time under Glen Mason and was the primary recruiter of the state of Minnesota. Shaw has always liked the Minnesota/North Dakota type of o-lineman. Shaw was also solely responsible for bringing 4-year starter and All-American Center Greg Eslinger from Bismarck to Dinkytown. We all know how that turned out.

      Once the 2011 Hawaii staff was ultimately fired in December, Adams reconsidered because Shaw was gone. Our sources in Minot tell us that new Hawaii Head Coach Norm Chow recently flew out to Minot to tell Adams his scholarship offer at Hawaii was still good.

      Since then, Adams has been wavering with Shaw now gone. Also, Northern Illinois has reportedly entered the fold too in the last few weeks. Guess who the o-line coach at NIU is? You got it, former UND o-line coach Rod Carey who is a former o-line assistant at Minnesota under?…….Gordy Shaw.

      It will be interesting to see what Adams does. Stay closer to home and play FCS in the Big Sky for UND, go further from home and play in the MAC at NIU, or go as far away from home as possible to tropical Hawaii and play for Norm Chow in the WAC.

      We’ll try keep you posted…

  3. Hambone

    Heard the same thing as 9296 about Adams, and also heard he was visiting Northern Illinois at one point.

    Also, other than Jer Garman’s tweet, have you received confirmation on Ryan Cain? I’m assuming you’re working up a writeup on him, but I was just curious if there was any other confirmation other than Jer’s tweet.

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