Early June Stuff (Possible Commitment)

We have not seen any official confirmation yet but it appears via twitter that UND has gotten a commitment from JUCO safety Clordion Kennedy (5’11”-200) of Contra Costa College in San Pablo, CA, which is just north of Oakland.  We do not know much about Kennedy other than he was First Team All-Bay Valley as a sophomore and is from the Oakland area originally.  Kennedy will have two years of eligibility remaining.   Here are his highlights.  He will provide much needed depth to the safety position.

The job opening for the Defensive Assistant Coach position has officially closed.   This means interviews should be beginning shortly.   We are speculating that the person hired will have a linebacker or secondary background based on the makeup of the existing staff.  We are also going to guess that the new coach will have ties to Big Sky country for recruiting (western U.S.).  The defensive coaching staff currently only has 3 members(Mannausau, Kotelnicki, Boyd) so we assume this will not be the last hire.   The next addition after this hire could be a GA position.

The new turf is currently being installed at the Alerus Center.   The southend of the Alerus is officially a construction site with the initial work possibly being a new pit or something along those lines.   A sizeable piece of turf is on display in the Alerus Center SE entrance for the public to view.  Here is a link to an ongoing update of the project and a cool video of how the carpet is rolled out using the pit system.

There are multiple All-Star football games happening this summer.  Here are the UND recruits participating in them:

  • Devin Coyle (ND) – ND/MT Badlands Bowl (June 16, 2012)
  • Jake Watson (ND) – ND/MT Badlands Bowl and ND Shrine Football Game
  • Tucker Nordby (ND) – ND/MT Badlands Bowl and ND Shrine Football Game
  • Conrad Schwarzkopf (ND) – ND/MT Badlands Bowl and ND Shrine Football Game
  • Jake Hanson (ND) – ND Shrine Football Game  (July 14, 2012)
  • Kodee Varner (MT) – ND/MT Badlands Bowl and Montana Class B All-Star Game
  • Joe Mollberg (MN) – MN All Star Football Game (June 30, 2012)
  • Brian Labat (MN) – MN All Star Football Game
  • Taj Rich Jr. (MN) – MN All Star Football Game
  • Brandon Larson (MN) – MN All Star Football Game
  • Alec Carrothers (NE) – NE All Star Football Game (June 3, 2012)
  • Joel Isenberger (WI) – WFCA All Star Football Game (July 14, 2012)
  • Mike Edwards (WI) – WFCA All Star Football Game
  • Joe Schobert (WI) – WFCA All Star Football Game
  • Ryan Bartels (IL) – IL Shrine Football Game (July 14, 2012)

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  1. terrynelson

    Not much in commitments considering und has 10,000 offers out. Is there anyone who doesn’t have an offer?

    1. We havent seen any commitments for any of the other local schools either. Stay tuned to the offers though, because you are going to see most of UND’s offerees getting more and more offers from the local FCS schools. UND just identified and offered first. 50 or 60 offers is not that odd when 15 of them have already gone FBS.

      1. terrynelson

        All those offers being given out to anyone and everyone just reeks of desperation. Why not just recruit the ones you have a chance at and need? The way it is now, it looks like und is offering every kid that ever saw a football.

    1. really?

      you mean you smell a national champion posting.

      its true what he says, you are becoming a joke with all your offers.

      1. UNDColorado

        You are nothing! The bison were national champions. Thanks again for your interest in UND football.

  2. Joe

    Is Kolpack sending these guys over or something??? You write a story about a jc safety commit in June and Bison fans start trolling I guess. We’ll worry about them in 2015 or maybe playoffs 12-14. Until then good luck Bison, & thanks for your interest in UND football.

  3. Tom

    Why are Bison fans so worried about who UND offers and how many offers UND makes? It really shouldn’t matter to them. They just seem to be way to concerned about UND.

  4. Leo Hansen

    Oskie, I know it is a bit early to bring up up coming season of football. In what order
    would you rank the RBs? Given the chance, I think Jer could be the best. Added weight
    and experience could be the key. I know Jake had a great season, but also had the
    game time experience. Any thoughts??

    I love your comments and involvement.

    1. That is a very tough question to answer as we head into 2012. They finally have the depth at RB that is needed to compete at the FCS level. If I had to order them it would be:

      1. Jake Miller – He has the speed and elusiveness to break it at any time. Coming off a breakout season where he put up 991 yards and 14 TD’s, he is obviously the starter. With that being said he is not durable enough to carry the ball 25 times a game.
      2. Mitch Sutton – We see the senior filling a role as the powerback in the running game. A nice complement to Miller and a force in short yardage situations.
      3. Jer Garman – Like Miller, he is the ability to break it at any time. With outstanding quickness and speed, they need to get him the ball somehow, someway. They tried last year but it never seemed to work out – almost like he was snakebit. He does not have the size to be an every down back but he could definitely play somewhere in the slot along with being a RB. Much like Miller, he did not redshirt so he is currently having his first full year of weight training.
      4. PJ Sparks – Sparks provides a combination of power and speed and seems to be a true RB (not a slot/RB). He is not as big as Sutton and not as fast as Miller/Garman but has the combination in between that those three don’t. We see him starting out on special teams and then filling in as needed.
      5. Adam Schaugabay – He is your classic powerback/FB type. He is a special teams contributor and short yardage back.
      6. Romon Bridges – He is similar to Garman in size and speed. Don’t know much about him but appears to be the type that needs to get plugged in at unique situations to utilized his skill set. He could be a kick returner/punt returner.

  5. Leo Hansen

    Okie, Thanks for your honest evaluation of the running back situation. Regardless
    of order, I think the RB situation is in good shape. Perhaps u have gathered I am a
    big fan of Jer. Go Sioux

    1. Jer will be a good one. We are excited to see what he can do this year now that he has a year under his belt. Thanks for following our blog!

  6. Rob

    I know there has been a lot of talk about new jerseys. Well I am just wondering when something official will come out?

    1. Your guess is as good as ours. I am sure they will leak something during Fall Camp. What the fans need to do is express their interest in seeing them and maybe the media guys over at Hyslop will send out a sneak peek.

  7. 5iouxNation

    Another future Sioux playing in an all star game in July is the cb Daniel Konowalski. He will be playing in the WFCA all star game in Wisconsin along with his highschool teammate Joe schobert, and also with Edwards of Sun prairie

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