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  1. Blake Johnson

    200th and maybe its worst.

    You won, the alumni association won…can we get over it and move on now or do we still need to gloat and kick dirt in the faces of the supporters of the name? Many of whom are season tickets holders to all sports and write checks to the programs and to the Alumni association.

    1. SiouxFan

      Really Blake?? It was out of necessity that the Alumni Association did that. I’ll ask you this, what changes at UND football or for that matter any sports now that the logo is gone…….nothing.

      The only thing thats different is the Hockey team will have different jerseys, because all of the other sports were already fine. The arenas, the players, the fans, the cheers, as well as fans wearing Sioux gear. Those can and will stay the same. So I’ll ask you again what changes besides the Men’s & Women’s Hockey Teams wearing new jerseys?

      Now, lets move on to a new and exciting chapter for UND and it’s Athletic Department. Why don’t you continue to wear your Sioux gear Blake and join the rest of us.

  2. Blake Johnson

    I moved on as soon as the results were announced last night.

    Thanks for your concern.

    Out of necessity? The Chicken little Alumni association and the sky was going to fall crowd did a great job in scaring a lot of people. Kudos to them.

  3. Brad

    Not being able to host NCAA playoff games, not being able to play Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, SDSU, recruits deciding not to come here due to the sactions…those aren’t scare tactics. those are REAL!!! Our membership is the Big Sky would be in jeopardy if they felt having a sactioned school was not worth having in the league. That is a REAL concern.

    Just answer me this Blake, how is not being able to host a playoff game a good thing for the UND football team? Because that would have happened if we would have kept the name??

    1. really?

      IOWA isnt a rival? either is minnesota or wisconsin outside of hockey, get a clue people.

      you all suck

      1. Joe

        Not yet, but those are teams UND should be playing every year in non conference games for a lot of their sports. They haven’t been able to play those schools b/c of the nickname. Now they can, but probably not until 13-14 b/c I would guess most schedules are done for this year.

        NDSU fans that like to make their way over to a UND blog to post ridiculous comments also suck. Good luck to your Bison this year and thanks for your interest in UND. Hopefully we beat you in most of the sports we play you in this year, just like this past season.

  4. Blake Johnson

    I’ve moved on because that is what everyone is telling me to.

    Can’t wait for the football games at the half-filled Alerus.

    1. Carol

      Football games have already been played to half-filled stands at the Alerus, ever since the dissolution of the NCC. Playing teams that no one knows, teams the athletic dept. has had to scramble to find to fill the schedule, has not made for must-see football. The same could be said for the basketball teams, who used to play to a packed Hyslop center. The only teams NOT affected have been the hockey teams who had no changes in their schedules with the existing WCHA. And that’s about to change. How do you think it would affect those crowds to no longer play Minnesota and Wisconsin, the teams’ two biggest rivals? And that WOULD happen with the retention of the nickname.

    2. Brad

      Playing teams like Montana and Montana State are going to get more people in the seats at the Alerus. If we get kicked out of the Big Sky, we end up playing schools like Moorhead St., Sioux Falls, Jamesown College, etc. You think that is going to get people in the seats?!!

  5. Blake Johnson

    I understand and agree with a lot of the arguments. I just wish people would realize that the new Big 10 hockey conference means that we will play Minnesota and Wisconsin, at most once a year. There is a good chance it might not even be that frequent. So we could be looking at only playing Minnesota for example at home, once every 4 years.

    With this behind us, the contracts to play all those teams must have started pouring in this morning.

    1. The issue with playing Minnesota and Wisconsin is about the other sports, not hockey. UND should be playing Minnesota in darn near every sport on a consistent basis.

  6. Blake Johnson

    Carol specifically asked about hockey…I was just answering her question.

    With this behind us, should be no problem selling 10,000 season ticket packages for football and filling the Betty for basketball.

  7. Sioux93

    Time to move on for both sides. No need to be a sore loser and no need to gloat. There is no winner in this vote.

    Transition is behind us, the vote is behind us, it is now time to put up or shut up for all athletic programs, coaches, athletic administrators. We have heard many reasons for poor crowds in the past but there are no more excuses.

    1. I understand what you are saying but the nickname had nothing to do with poor crowds. The transition did. Now that the transition is over the attendance will undoubtedly rise. One measure of whether it was the right move is whether UND starts getting Minnesota, Wisconsin, SDSU, etc. on the schedule. Obviously, there are others.

  8. Sioux93

    I understand that but the university seems to do nothing but make excuses for things, including attendance. My point is the transition and vote are behind us, it is time for results.
    I think Blake does make one fair point in that we better see some decent teams on the sched for all sports now. We have been told the name was holding us back.
    I always find it interesting how some people feel the athletic department can do nothing right and how many feel they never do anything wrong.

  9. Sioux93

    I do find it interesting how most on this blog only care about the football program and they chastise the hockey fans who only care about hockey.

  10. Dean

    I expect a National Championship in football within the next 5 years and appearances in both NCAA basketball tournaments in that time frame also. All of the stud recruits should be picking UND now that the nickname controversy is over.

    I don’t see what the fascination is with playing Wisconson, Iowa, Minnesota, etc and getting crushed. Plus it’s not the like the Big Sky is even a great conference. It’s too bad the football and basketball games can’t sell out as fast as the Measure 4 YES crowd!

  11. JW

    As a former UND athlete I really wanted to keep the name in spite of what the NCAA was trying to do. When the Big Sky started hedging on whether they may or may not allow UND to remain in the Conference with the on going controversy I started to change my thinking. UND will always be the Fighting Sioux to me but the name could not be allowed to kicked out of the Big Sky because that would have likely destroyed scheduling for several sports and damaged the athletic programs. My issue is the Fighting Sioux Hockey fans (not UND or Fighting Sioux fans), they seem to only care about hockey and damn all other sports. I understand hockey is UND #1 sport and I do enjoy it, but it isn’t all about hockey all the time. I have often disagreed with different Sioux fans on different issues but never really understood why UND was so hated by so many fans from other teams. I think I get it now, we have a lot of hockey fans with huge inflated egos and in general are a bunch of D-bags. Thats not the majority of fans but it seems to be a fairly large vocal minority and it makes all the others look bad.

  12. really?

    why would you have ego’s? the hockey team hasnt done anything since 2001 and football/basketball haven’t even won a marquee game yet.

    no one should have an ego around here, its time to roll up the sleeves and do some work, right oskie?

  13. duswede

    Considering that Midco has been advertising for on-air talent to be located in GF, for a few weeks now, Midco seems the logical conclusion for the television announcement. Also, correct me if Im wrong, but dont they have a HD truck?

    1. Rob,

      We will have something in the next week or so. Trying to compile enough info during a slow time in the year for UND Football. Thanks for your readership and interest.

        1. We still have not seen anything official from UND. It is all internet based statements. We are assuming he will be joining the team this summer to workout but have not heard of anything.

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