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We just held a hard-hitting, no bull interview with Aztecskillinghim, a world-famous San Diego State blogger who covers the team like no other.  He sent us several questions to answer and we did the same for him.   His answers are below and should give you unprecedented insight into the Aztec program as they gear up for the game this weekend.

Our answers to his questions can be found HERE.  Enjoy!

1.  What is the strength of the SDSU team that should give an FCS team major problems?

AKH:  This is one of the fastest Aztecs defenses I’ve ever seen — even faster than the one that gave up 70 points to New Mexico a few years ago, if you’ll believe that. But seriously, with SDSU’s ample team speed and its 3-3-5 scheme where you never know the pressure is coming from, I think we can cause some problems for North Dakota’s large, but slow-footed offensive line. At least I think they’re slow footed. If not, please tell me how you got the 1990s Cowboys offensive line to play for an FCS school.

2.  Channel the inner JoeSixpack-AztecsRule-2012MWChamps fan inside you and answer this question: What things would have to go wrong for SDSU to lose this game?  (Please limit to 20 items or less).

AKH:  OK, hang on a sec while I go into shameless, sub-mental fanboy mode. Slamming this Red Bull and Vodka oughta do the trick. … U R so dumb if U think ur stupid team stands a chance against are mighty Aztecs of San Deigo State. why dont you go back to North dakota you looser LOL … Actually, even though some SDSU fans have an inflated sense of our program since it rose from the ashes to make a couple of crappy bowl games, the realists among us aren’t so arrogant to consider a loss outside the realm of possibility. We’re not too far removed from losing to Cal Poly twice in three years, after all. I expect this to be a comfortable win, but if the Aztecs come in unfocused and get frustrated by a couple of early turnovers and big plays and start to pucker … Yeah, I don’t care to ponder that any further, actually.

3.  On a scale of 1-10,with 1 being a Spree scooter and 10 being a Jaguar XJ Ultimate – how unbelievably stoked is the Aztec Nation for this football game?

AKH:  I’ll give it a three, which is — what? — a mildly-painful inner-ear infection, I guess. Nothing personal, but I don’t think any FCS program could really move the needle with San Diego fans. Hell, this town barely wakes up for conference games. But I think the die-hards are interested to see how a few things play about. I’m actually really curious to see if SDSU can mount any kind of vertical passing attack — something that has been missing in the first two games. Brice Butler, a USC transfer who was supposed to be our star receiver, has yet to catch a pass. We’re all eager to see him finally get going. And then there’s seeing what happens with Rocky Long’s conversion chart:






Don’t get us started on that.

4.  Your name is Aztecskillinghim, which we understand means being an SDSU Aztec fan is slowly killing you.  If SDSU loses this game we are naturally assuming the march to your death will achieve success on Saturday night.  True?

AKH:  I dunno, we’ve had worse. I was in attendance at the Superdome in December and watched the Aztecs lose a bowl game to Louisiana-Lafayette because of a penalty for something called “illegal stemming.” Let me tell you, you haven’t lived until fans of some hyphenated Sun Belt team have rubbed that in your face. If we lose to you guys, I’ll probably just press on with my usual regimen of negativity and toilet humor. It gets me through.

5.  We lost our native American nickname, the Sioux, but you got to keep yours despite protests.   How does that affect the way the game plays out?  Because you know it will…it has to.

AKH:  Come on, now you’re just being silly. I think you’re ignoring the real factors that will ultimately decide this football game. Like the fact that SDSU just banished its cuddly supplemental mascot Zuma.






If SDSU loses on Saturday, I’m pinning it on the curse of Zuma. I’m convinced he’s out for revenge. FORGIVE US ZUMA!

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