Montana State Fallout

UND went out to Bozeman last weekend and got beat badly, 55-10.  There were no silver linings for UND so we are not going to waste your time writing about something that isn’t there.  Nothing seemed to go right for UND.  However, that had something to do with the fact that the Bobcats are a very good football team and were extremely impressive on both sides of the ball.  They should make some noise in the FCS playoffs this season, especially if they get a few home games.

  • Montana State ran an astounding 94 plays on offense.  NINETY FOUR.  We don’t know if we have ever seen that high of an offensive play number before.
  • Both lines for UND got handled on Saturday.  MSU is not known for having overly physical line play but they sure looked good against UND.  They had 8 sacks.
  • The UND offense was only able to muster 180 total yards and the defense gave up 695 total yards.  Once again, we cannot recall a game with a more glaring statistical difference.
  • Now that the season is down to its last two weeks for UND and playoffs being out of reach, it will be interesting to see how UND responds.  They have a pretty good SUU team coming to the Alerus Center this weekend.  SUU is coming off an upset victory over #1 ranked Eastern Washington.
  • The UND pass defense will get another test this weekend as SUU QB Brad Sorenson comes to town.  He threw for 392 yards last weekend.

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    1. New Sioux

      This is my first comment on Sioux Insider. I just finished reading some of the other posts. I don’t know if there will be any changes until the season ends. My vote would be to bring in a new staff. I just think assistant coaches are an extension of the head coach. Coach Mussman has chosen to pick ex Sioux players which doesn’t mean that they are good coaches. It has been a very unpleasant welcome to Big Sky football.

        1. New Sioux

          I whole-heartedly agree that the players need to be accountable. I will also say that successful college programs have discipline, camaraderie, and leadership. As others have said, this team didn’t didn’t appear to be ready to play…receivers not blocking or finishing routes, awful tackling by the defense, and a team that seemed to quit in the 4th quarter. It starts with preparation and ends with execution…….both poorly displayed against MSU.

    2. Geaux Sioux,

      Out of respect for the staff as coaches and people, we are not going to speculate on anything like that, specifically when the season isn’t even over yet.

      We understand and appreciate your concern and interest for UND Football. We hope you and others will understand and respect our view on this.

      Thanks for your readership.

  1. JW

    Two games to go with the opprotunity to have a winning season. Most would applaud that for a first year season in the Big Sky. So far the boys have won the games that were projected a toss up and have lost the games that most thought they would. Having said that, the problem is next year….UND will be going into the season with only high school experienced qb’s. The two top guys seem to be big, strong armed kids but both are pocket passers and not real quick. That wont get it done in DI f’ball. Last week we saw a kid with a great arm get sacked 8 times. It was not entirely his fault but somewhere in the analysis you have to question the qb’s ability to move (8 sacks?).

    1. JW,

      That’s what I left the game last week concerned about – our QB’s mobility.

      The same guy that threw for 660 and 5 last week against Montana.

      That is the least of my concerns right now. People who question the play of our QB as the reason for our shortcomings right now, simply aren’t paying attention and watching the game.

      Thanks for your readership.

    2. geaux_sioux

      Mollberg can move really well actually, he’s got a great arm but can run the ball and is a strong strapping young man. Bartels isn’t exactly Drew Bledsoe either. They both move well enough and can spin the skin.

  2. UND9296

    If you believe in computer rankings, San Diego St. is better than MSU and EWU. How is it that UND played so much more competitively in San Diego? I can accept that injuries have made an already-suspect defense even less effective, and certainly the offense is banged-up also, but I’m surprised and disappointed that so few points and yards were generated by the UND offense in Bozeman.

    The Big Sky conference-only stats are pretty ugly for UND right now. Even the offensive numbers aren’t very good after last week.

  3. Well Said

    Its easily answered. SDSU had a bad day. The EWU and MSU games are probably better indicators of where UND is at. There is just no evidence supporting any other viewpoint.

    1. UND9296

      I don’t think it’s quite that simple. There have been relatively few 30-plus point blowouts in the Big Sky this year (other than Idaho St. games), and most conference games not involving Idaho St. have been relatively close. If the EWU and MSU games are truly indicative of where UND is right now, then UND probably should not only be winless in the conference, but shouldn’t even have been competitive in any of the games.

    2. not well said

      If SDSU had a bad day they would have turned the ball over and not scored a bunch of points. It was two good offenses having good days and our d was just worse. The EWU and MSU games were terrible. UND ran into a buzzsaw both times and came out flat on top of that which equaled a thrashing.

  4. Well Said

    I appreciate that enthusiasm UND296 and you may be right, but its just not convincing. To put it in a nutshell: The EWU & MSU games were against top FCS talent, in the championship hunt, playing to win. The others were competetors playing not to lose. None of the FCS teams UND played and beat this year have a legit chance at anything. The FCS teams they lost to do.

    1. homer

      Same can be said for a lot of teams. Take a look at the other Great West teams this year. Only one is having a bunch of success and they have been playoff elgible for a couple years now.

      I’m not saying what happened to UND during the EWU game and MSU game is acceptable but let the season play all the way out before completely discounting this team and program. You may be here just to troll, and thats fine but until the playoffs we have no idea how good the Big Sky is or how good EWU and MSU truely are. UND could finish their season losing to 4 playoff teams and an FBS. Now that we have seen the absolute best this conference has to offer, lets start recruiting to fill the holes and build some depth.

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