Random Thoughts On Week 12

Just as UND had their bye week, so did we.  We apologize for not having a Southern Utah recap but it was a perfect storm of things and we could not adequately recap the game due to them.  We are back now and will have our usual preview for the season ending game at Northern Colorado later in the week.

  • The playoff scenarios for Big Sky teams is getting pretty interesting.  Montana State (9-1), Eastern Washington (8-2), Cal-Poly (8-2), and Northern Arizona (8-2) all appear to be locks to make the 20 team field.  EWU, Poly and UNA all have FBS wins which are looked upon very favorably by the selection committee.  Plus, they have the magical seven “counter” wins that the committee also likes.  Getting four teams in the playoffs is definitely impressive.  Could the Big Sky possibly get five teams in…………………..
  • The wild-card is Sacramento State.  They are currently 6-4 but one of those wins was vs. FBS Colorado.  Sac State is at UC-Davis this weekend in the annual Causeway Classic.  If they win that game they will have the required 7 wins, along with a FBS victory.  It will be hard to keep them out when compared to other 7 win teams.
  • UND has a chance to end the season with a winning record as they head out to UNC with a 5-5 record.  These two played a wild one last season as UND won 27-25 on a Zeb Miller 54 yard field goal.  UNC is much improved this season and will give UND all they can handle.  At least Patrick Walker is not going to be in Greeley this time around (see 315 yds receiving vs UND last year).
  • According to tweets we have seen over the past week, the UND coaching staff has been spending more time than ever recruiting in the Twin Cities.  That is one area that appeared to be neglected early on in the transition but is no longer.  The metro area down there is recruited heavily by FCS programs but is also loaded with prospects each and every year.

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  1. Jon

    Sac State doesn’t get in under any scenario. It is possible only 3 BigSky teams get in, as the loser of the NAU/Cal Poly game might be out. NAU had a weak Sky schedule and one of their wins is against a D-II. If they don’t beat Poly I don’t think they get in. Too many weak conferences with auto-qualifiers that might screw up the field. Lehigh won’t get the AQ, but they are currently 9-1, albeit with a weak resume, the selection committee won’t keep them out.

    1. As far as Poly and NAU go, they both have the 7 counter wins and an FBS win. How many of their 7 or 8 counter win competitors in the playoff field can say that? Whoever wins the game is obviously in but the loser still has a solid playoff resume. To us it appears their are getting four teams in, regardless of what happens. Sac State probably is a long shot but that win over an BCS conference team might look pretty good. They also took down Poly. They would be battling with a team like Eastern Illinois to get in.

      1. Jon

        If NAU loses they will be a bubble team. Not trying to set fire to their resume, but UNLV is a weak FBS team, they won’t have a win over any Top-25 team, and the D-II game is a non-counter. Their SOS has got to be very weak.

        It will be tight, but they still hold their destiny in their hands. A win and they get in.

  2. cfm

    You guys get to make any road trips this year? I recommend coming down to Greeley for the simple reason that there are a ton of UND fans out here. I expect us to outnumber the UNC fans once again. Just bring something to plug your nose because the smell is worse than Simplot.

    Gotta get here early and start drinking so you don’t notice the smell by gametime.

    1. Haha, thanks for the tip! We will not be making it out to Greeley but were there for a game years ago. Nice area but I do remember that smell.

  3. stlfan

    I hope that they can find another 5th year senior. It will be a tough to encourage a top prospect to sign when they not only caused two promising qbs leave the team but did not even let their program qb (hendrickson) play a down in the senior day game.

    1. Realistic

      This isn’t high school…the best player plays and when Hanson was healthy he was clearly the better QB. If it wasn’t for Hanson we wouldn’t have beat Montana. Plus, we have two great redshirt freshman QB’s that will step up if need be.

      Although I would be willing to bet that they bring a transfer QB in.

    2. Who are the two “promising QB’s” that left the team?

      You have a point on Hendrickson, on Senior Day it would have been nice to get him some time, in any manner possible.

    3. geaux_sioux

      Funny that you get offended that they didn’t play Marcus on senior day but not that he didn’t get a single snap the year before when he was third string behind the two worst passing qbs in program history. That was a joke, Braden Hanson is actually better than him, Goska and Bradley were not.

  4. homer

    Bradely and Comes were not promising. They both had time to prove what they had to offer. Which ever QB wins the battle this spring, I will be confident in their abilities. It will be nice to not be replacing any skill positions when bringing in a new QB. If anything, seeing an offense that is willing to throw the ball as much as we have would be more attractive to a top QB. The good ones do not want to go somewhere just to hand the ball off.

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