Jake Disterhaupt Commits To UND

The UND Football team has received a verbal commitment to the class of 2013 from Moose Lake-Willow River RB-LB Jake Disterhaupt.  Disterhaupt, 6-1″-185, led the Rebels to the state championship game this past fall where they fell 25-22 to Caledonia.

In his senior season Disterhaupt was a standout running back for the Rebels, rushing for 1,630 yards and 18 TD’s.  Disterhaupt also added in 381 receiving yards and 5 TD’s.  He played in the in the secondary for the Rebels on defense and received a ton of accolades this past season, including Minnesota All-State First Team and being a Minnesota Mr. Football Finalist.

Disterhaupt shows pretty good straight line speed and great vision.  We do not see him being a running back at UND, however.  He appears to be more of a safety or linebacker in college, more likely a safety.  He is an excellent athlete which means he could fill in where needed as his career progresses.  Our only concern is that his hips appear to be a little stiff for a corner/safety but he will have more than enough time to work on that through strength and conditioning.  However, the kid is a playmaker.

Disterhaupt is the fifth known commitment to the 2013 Class.


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  1. geaux_sioux

    Any player comparison for this guy to current/former players? Do you guys have any speculation on this weekends ‘BIGTIME’ chestbump?

    1. A guy like Mersereau would be a comparison. We don’t know if Disterhaupt is as fast as Mersereau but they have similar body types and athleticism.

      1. geaux_sioux

        O god….. Please tell me he’s not as soft as mersereau…… That kid couldn’t get any tackles in a flag football game.

        1. ed

          I know there are two high school kids from this last season with broken arms that don’t think he’s soft. He was known for his offensive performance simply because of his speed. I’m curious to see how he develops next fall!

    1. We’re digging and we are getting closer. Chicago and defensive line are our first clues used. Got to look at where they have recruited before too, what parts of Chicago.

      Social Media is the best thing to ever happen to football fans during recruiting season!

  2. Swell team you have

    Ps. What’s that round thing #40 is holding? It looks like that trophy Dom Izzo and Jeff Kolpak compete for. The one with an Indian on it. Why don’t we show a trophy that means something to The Dakotas like The Marker? Show a trophy we at least play for like the one with our new rival Montana State or maybe UNC, our old friend from the NCC. That trophy would at least show we have some relevant traditions left.

  3. mkjohn

    Got to love these Bizon fans who think their team should be in the SEC. UND’s best classes were the last two which were either RFr or true freshman, plus transfers, which when healthy Braden Hansen was great. (660 yards in one game) Of the RFr pretty much all played either on special teams or in back-up roles including a freshman all american WR, and an OL compared to Kris Kuper. Most of the rest look to be good players with some potential high end starter/all conference types. Of the redshirt freshman only one played in Kenny Golliday, and would probably be the 2nd best WR on the Bizon. He is a potential NFL guy down the road. I would guess from what I’ve heard about the class that 4-5 will potentially be starting next year, with the rest filling in as backups and special teams. Most of this class (2013) coming in will probably redshirt.

    Thanks for your interest in UND Football, but UND does have legit talent right now they just don’t have the depth yet. Once they plug that in with the next few classes and your class with Williams, Turner, etc graduate, we’ll see how you feel.

  4. Smitty

    The difference mkjohn is the Bison have been there done that. They were #1 in nation during transition, have a 6-3 record vs FBS opponents, O and have that nice National Title Trophy. and constantly recruit solid players. Keep bragging up your WR corps as that translated into such a successful season this year. Does UND have any local kids playing anymore? The Big Sky was perfect for the taking with Montana down this year. They are NOT going to stay down. But we all know that the moral victories are all that really matter up north.

  5. Alex

    Does UND have any local recruits? All we have to do is go back to the last recruiting class. The top area recruit chose UND over NDSU. Mr. Joe Mollberg. Your memory is short.

  6. SiouxFan

    UND has 15-20 kids from ND and probably 70% of the roster is from ND, MN, and WI. Very similar numbers to NDSU. Don’t really get where you are going with this Smitty? Must be that NDSU degree?

  7. Mpls Sioux Fan

    I believe a few NDSU athletes demonstrated the value of an NDSU education this past summer. Five years in the football program and a college degree from NDSU and they found themselves committing fraud to make a few extra bucks at their $9 an hour jobs. It proves in a lot of ways that Bohl and his staff could really give a rats ass about their athletes once they are out of the program.

  8. smitty

    Who’s team got busted for steriods last year and barely beat Sioux Falls. The incompetent GF police force bailed ya out on that one.

    1. geaux_sioux

      I didn’t know anyone had any charges against them for steroids? Wait, or was that a guy no associated with the team in any way? Sounds like the whole team got busted to me. At least your guys got paid when they got busted.

  9. Tom

    I see where NDSU athletes are back on the police blotters again. They must of at least took a month off this time. I see NDSU was right on top of it. NDSU has already come out and said they will ne punished. They are all over the softball players. When a big chunk of NDSU football team got in trouble they basically didn’t punish them at all. NDSU definitely treats one program diferently than another. Wonder why.

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