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  • It is officially the recruiting “dead period” where no contact can be made by the coaching staff to recruits.  This also usually means that verbal commitment news dries up for awhile, also.  The dead period is over January 4th so we hope to have commitment news coming in those first two weeks of January.
  • There has been very recent speculation about former Minot High star OL Dustin Adams transferring from Northern Illinois at Christmas break.  All we can tell you is what we have ‘heard’ on the subject.  The rumors are he is considering UND and NDSU.  It was either UND or NIU coming out of high school, which tells us UND has a pretty good shot at getting him now.  Former UND OL coach Rod Carey was Adams OL coach at NIU this past fall and is now the head coach at NIU.   We have also heard that Adams is looking into Petroleum Engineering, which only UND has.  The petroleum field is obviously huge in Adams hometown of Minot.  Makes sense.  After adding it all up, seems likely that he could transfer to UND and they surely could use all the depth they can get along the OL.  We project him as a guard who could start contributing in 2014.
  • UND has five known verbal commitments thus far in the recruiting season but according to the coaches twitter accounts there may be a few more.  The problem is we are coming up empty sniffing them out. Our feeling is one of them may be in the Chicago area and the other could be in the Missouri/KC area.  But we don’t know who specifically.  Twitter is a great tool but sometimes it doesn’t get specific enough for our liking.  Cryptic tweets can be exciting and frustrating at the same time.
  • UND is in the process of renovating the entire locker room at Memorial Stadium.  There have been some pictures posted on the twitter accounts of the coaching staff.  This has been a much needed upgrade for the program for many years and should definitely help in recruiting.
  • It appears that UND is going to roll with 11 games for the 2013 football season.  They can play 12 games if they would like but instead will go with two bye weeks, Sept 21st and Nov 23rd.  There will be no FBS game and UND will have 7 home games, with 3 of those being against 2012 playoff teams (EWU, MTST, and SDSU).  The rumors of Montana being interested in buying out UND for 2013 appear to be false at this time.  However, in the event that it came to fruition, FCS schools like St Francis, Norfolk State, Duquesne and Illinois State all have openings on September 14th and/or September 21st and are actively looking for games in 2013.  UND currently has Montana scheduled on September 14th and a bye week for September 21st.  In the event that Montana changed its mind, UND would have some options if given the appropriate amount of time.

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    1. That is just the word, doesn’t mean its 100% true. If he does want Petroleum Engineering, than UND is the choice. He will be a good addition to the team and will add much needed depth.

    1. He is a freshman. It takes time to put the weight on, build strength, etc. He will be a nice addition to the team but people need to realize he is still a freshman who was only recruited by NIU, UND and Hawaii, for a little while. That doesn’t make him a sure-fire Day One starter.

  1. drew

    “why bring the AC into the mix?”

    Well…. the simple answer. To quote former NFL coach Herman Edwards, “You play to win the game!” Go to NDSU and he’ll be in the playoffs immediately. Not sure what will happen with UND (but we can pretty much count out playing in Frisco anytime soon).

    We all know that football is not as important as what you will be doing after college. If he’s into the petrolium engineering thing then he should pick UND. If he wants to win, he’ll pick NDSU.

    1. Perks

      Plus there is the VIP Shopping Experience at Best Buy, the guarantee of a summer job that you don’t have to show up for, knowing that if you are a starter you can pretty much break any law and know you will still be on the field on Saturday, and a invitation only party with the women’s softball team.

    1. Realistic

      If you are so grounded in reality than surely you realize that the big bad AC wasn’t so stellar after the transition. So something to the tune of 3-8 must certainly ring a bell. Once again if you are so grounded in reality then you must already know that good things don’t happen overnight and that UND has had more of an uphill battle with the nickname issue, that in turn made our future conference affiliation uncertain; which then had a negative trickle down effect on recruiting.

      Fortunately that is all behind us and last years recruiting class was a direct result of UND Football moving in the right direction, but since you are so grounded in reality you probably already know that.

  2. firg voss reporting

    speaking of memorial stadium why not do a write up on the building? been around und football my whole life and i don’t think i have ever seen a comprehensive write up about the history of the building?

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