Jason (JJ) Robertson – Lincoln-Way East

Former University of Illinois signee and 3-star recruit Jason (JJ) Robertson has enrolled at the University of North Dakota for spring semester 2013.  The 6-0, 185 pound WR attended a community college this fall and did not play football.  We believe he should have all 4 years of eligibility remaining at UND and will be able to participate in spring practices.

Robertson was senior high school teammates with UND freshman fullback Kevin Bayer at Lincoln-Way East HS in Frankfort, IL.  Idaho Head Coach Paul Petrino originally recruited and signed Robertson as a member of Ron Zook’s staff before Zook got fired and Tim Beckman was hired prior to signing day 2012.

Robertson will join the already deep WR position group at UND, where the top 5 receivers all return.  We see him taking on a future role similar to what UND WR extraordinaire Greg Hardin takes on now – a consistent deep threat, speed guy, and playmaker for the offense.

As a senior, Robertson caught 39 balls for 881 yards and 12 TDs.  He is the 10th known addition to the 2013 class.








JJ Robertson Senior Highlights




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27 Responses to Jason (JJ) Robertson – Lincoln-Way East

  1. UND9296 says:

    Do you guys expect any of the current receivers to change positions?

    Also, what is the latest on the possibility of adding a transfer quarterback? I assume if one had transferred in for the second semester, we’d have heard about it by now. It’s not that I don’t have faith in Mollberg and Bartels. It just seems odd not to have a single non-freshman quarterback on the roster.

    • oskie says:

      Ivery already has moved to defense so that helps. We do not see any other receivers moving. Young would be a candidate but we question whether he has the speed to play defensive back.

      We have not heard anything about a transfer QB. The only option would be if an FBS kid wanted to transfer after spring ball, which is not ideal. Not enough time to learn the system.

    • I also don’t expect any WRs to move to DB. Just don’t see anybody that translates well.

      Regarding a transfer QB: I would bet they went after a handful of guys from FBS and JUCOs. Probably swung and missed and/or didnt find ‘the guy’ they were looking for. While I agree it is odd and a little risky to only have freshmen QBs this fall, I don’t think they should overreach and waste a scholarship on a QB just to have another one on the roster. I’m ok with getting the freshman all the reps possible in spring ball and fall camp. Just my opinion.

      Lets not kid ourselves, UND, the staff and us as fans are “all in” on Mollberg and Bartels. They are the present and the future of the program.

  2. Also now hearing freshman WR Zach Oliver may not return to UND this semester. That would be too bad. We thought Oliver had the tools to be a pretty good player by his 3rd year as a soph. This could be related to the addition of transfer JJ Robertson.

  3. UND Fan says:

    You touched on this in an earlier posting regarding the 2013 season but which of the redshirt freshmen are you hearing could significantly contribute next year – other than Edwards.

  4. Geaux_sioux says:

    What is your guys opinion on Edwards. I’ve been singing his praises since he got here.

    • oskie says:

      He certainly is big enough! We love his size and athleticism. Even though he will be a freshman, we are expecting some major reps from him througout the season. Hopefully, he progresses through spring ball and learns the finer parts of playing the nose guard position in the 3-4.

    • He’s got talent and size, to be sure. Playing the nose in the 3-4 with good technique is the key. Can he do it year 1 mentally and technically is the question? Physically, I don’t think there is any question.

  5. UND-FB-FAN says:

    I agree that Mollberg and Bartels are very capable quarterbacks, even as only freshmen, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that both are injured during the season. If that happens, who does UND turn to? Or what happens if only one of the two gets injured (like last season), who then is the available backup? This is why bringing in another quarterback is crucial in my opinion.


    • My thought is that if both Mollberg and Bartels are hurt, the season is in shambles anyways. The coaches know that and apparently they didn’t find a guy they felt warranted bringing in another QB. Jake Hanson is the other freshman that would be the 3rd option right now.

      I guess it is my thought that you don’t go bring in a transfer to be 3rd string. If they had a guy they thought was better than or would compete with Mollberg and Bartels, I’m sure they would have taken him. It looks as though they didn’t (at this point).

      I’m ok with developing both of these guys and giving them the reps now.

    • By the way UND-FB-FAN, I still believe they are trying to sign a HS QB in this class.

  6. UND9296 says:

    Any word on who is scheduled to visit this weekend?

  7. Geaux_sioux says:

    Looks like you guys will be very busy writing about these new verbals

  8. Cfm says:

    Crazy good!

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