Sam Riddle – Hillsboro, OR (Century HS)

UND’s 14th known verbal commitment to the 2013 class is 6’2″-195 pound QB Sam Riddle from Hillsboro, OR.  We can’t ever remember a UND player who was originally from the “Beaver State” being on the roster.  Riddle was recently named  2012 Pacific Conference Player of the Year and led his squad to the 2nd round of Oregon 6A state playoffs in the state’s biggest class for Century Head Coach Bill Smith.  He finished tied for 1st in TDs in the state with 37 and was 2nd in passing yardage with 3,609 yards.  Coach Smith had this to say about Sam:

“Sam, like many of our kids, is so hard working. He’s dependable; he’s reliable. And you know with Sam, he’s always going to go 110 percent, he just is. So he’s had a year that he has deserved.”

Smith said Riddle arrives at the gym to lift weights before school. He’s the first player at every offseason camp or workout.

“And if his teammates aren’t there, he has no problem calling them out,” Smith said. “He accepts responsibility and thrives under pressure. I think he always was a leader, he’s just become more of one.”

Riddle is considered an athletic dual-threat QB who ran The Pistol Offense at Century High School.  He shows good arm strength and throws a nice deep ball.  We consider him to be pretty raw and a project overall as a pocket QB, but he has all the tools needed to get there.

Ranked by Rivals as the #3 QB recruit in Oregon and #1 by most other Oregon publications, Riddle had recruiting interest from Oregon State, Portland State and Linfield.

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6A 2nd Team All-State

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  1. MoSiouxFan

    Looks to me like he has all the tools: strong arm, accurate arm, he can run, and, just as importantly, he’s a leader. I think he’s going to have an excellent career at UND. Welcome, Sam.

  2. Sean

    I didn’t think I could be more excited about a season than I was last year, but I am! I’m curious about your thoughts on how this class is stacking up to last year’s class up to this point?
    And also, how it’s stacking up to what NDSU is bringing in? I’m assuming they’re doing pretty well for themselves, being FCS champs 2 years in a row.

    1. Class is shaping up really well. It seems as though the last 4 years of recruiting has progessively gotten better in our eyes, but that is only positive speculation at this point. Time will tell. We may re-visit past recruiting classes after signing day.

      We know nothing about NDSU’s recruiting class. It’s hard enough the way it is to even keep track of UND’s. We’d have to guess they are doing well too.

        1. If you are referring to Gates as the top rated LB in Wisconsin, then you are misinformed. UND recruited at one time, but never offered him. If you are referring to someone else, then I apologize in advance.

          1. Erock

            Gates was rated the #1 LB in the Preseason by WSN. That obviously didn’t hold up cause he had no other offers from anybody but NDSU. For a state like Wisconsin, which is very heavily recruited, the “#1 LB” should have multiple offers and walk-on opportunities to schools like Wisconsin or Northern Illinois. He had neither.

  3. Geaux_sioux

    Really like this kids running ability, he has outstanding suddenness with his cuts and is explosive out of them. His footwork sucks right now but that’s an easy fix with a good athlete. High ceiling on this kid.

  4. Allan

    Welcome Sam Riddle. I think this program is really on the rise. Exciting days ahead. The recruiting class is looking great.

  5. Geoff

    First visit to this blog….. How has UND done this year for recruits on defense.? Judging how the fcs playoffs played out I feel strongly that the big sky has plenty of excitement on the offensive side of the ball, but all defenses struggled. NDSU is successful primarily because of their stellar D. Congrats to UND on Riddle, sounds like a great recruit.

    1. Geoff, we agree this is a big year for recruiting on the defensive side of the ball. We think they have addressed some serious needs already. The one spot we are still concerned about is cornerback. This class is lacking at that spot so far, but they recently had a couple in on visits and you can bet that there will be 1 or 2 added on signing day if there hasn’t been already. We believe there are still 4-5 verbals out there that have yet to be uncovered.

      Thanks for your visit to our blog. We hope you keep reading and coming back to comment on UND Football.

      1. Geoff

        I am a rarity from ND. I am a bison fanatic, but I can say with honesty that I enjoy the UND program as well. I love it when both schools are successful. Can’t wait to match up with the Sioux in the playoffs. They will be there and so will I. If both AD’s can’t quit their sniveling, then all that either school can do is “make the playoffs”.

        1. Geoff, glad to have you on board as a bison fan with some objectivity. We welcome it and wish there were more like you. We have grown tired of the ‘trolls’ and their ‘drive-by snipes’. Thanks for the comments.

          1. Geoff

            You won’t get any smack from me. I find it ridiculous, especially since we haven’t played for what… 10 plus years. I’m sure you will agree with me when I admit that most bison fans on the message boards are really quite childish, annoying!

  6. Riddle is a good pickup for UND in this class. They needed to bring in a HS QB given the lack of numbers at the position on the depth chart right now. We did however have Tyler Rogers rated higher than Riddle. Both visited campus last weekend, so it may have been a “first come, first serve” type of thing for the scholarship. Rogers had many more scholarship options than Riddle did. We’ll see, maybe they would take another QB in this class before signing day?

      1. Maybe it’s debatable? WR maybe? Hard to say. But you don’t bring them in from that far away to play anything but QB when they sign. If they are playing different positions, they aren’t going to see the field. Would be different with a MN or ND kid at QB.

    1. WeAreNorthDakota

      Though it seems odd to bring in multiple high school QBs in back to back years, I wouldn’t be opposed to it if it means we don’t have another year with only freshman QBs like the one we’re about to be facing.

    2. pdxhornman

      Have watched Sam’s athletic career from 5th grade to HS Grad. He’s always been a leader, fanatic about winning, and just a great athlete. He may not have been rated as high as he should have or could have been though. Last year he lost the majority of the season to a broken finger, so he might have fallen off the radar a bit. This year he was leading the state in TD’s/yds from the first game on. It’s possible that a lot of recruiters were simply “late to the party”. It was unfortunate for Sam but maybe good fortune for UND that it played out like it did!

  7. UND92,96

    After reading the article in his local paper today, apparently he is more of a “soft” verbal commitment? It says he’s still planning to visit Portland State and “keep his options open”.

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