Kyle Ruhe – Temecula, CA (Great Oak HS)

Great Oak High School tight end Kyle Ruhe from Temecula, CA has given a verbal commitment to play football at the University of North Dakota.  Ruhe is listed at 6-5 and 230 pounds and runs pretty well given his size.  There is no doubt he will have to put on 20-30 pounds to be able to block on the edge in the Big Sky.  This past season, he caught 23 balls for 311 yards and 2 TDs.  He shows good hands in the highlights and an ability to run routes, get open, etc and could be the type of combo TE that UND hasn’t really had on its roster before that excels at catching passes and blocking on the end of the line of scrimmage.

Ruhe is considered to be an ‘under-the-radar’ recruit from California so info is tough to come by on him.  According to the article below, he did not have any other confirmed offers but listed multiple teams that were recruiting him.

Ruhe is the 15th known verbal commitment to the 2013 recruiting class.








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  1. Jay

    Nice size, soft hands and finds the seams. Does a nice job of run blocking. UND might be sneaking a great one out of CA.

  2. Rob

    Just curious when are you going to do a write-up on Kyle Norberg? Are you just waiting until it is not just a soft commit?

  3. FightSioux

    Just curious on overall thoughts regarding this recruiting class. I am personally shocked at the failure to address obvious weak areas. This years defense was for lack of a better term, pathetic. I really blame the coaching staff but the talent level wasn’t exactly top notch either. The tackling was horrible which may be an understatement. The brilliant staff insisted on playing a 3-4 which requires much better personnel than UND could put on the field. If you are going play a 3-4, you better have a nose guard who can occupy two lineman. You better have linebackers who are aggressive and can tackle. You need safeties who are solid at run defense yet play good pass coverage. Lastly, you need corners who can play man to man on occasion and tackle fairly well. This team had NONE of the above mentioned skills. Our d-line was pushed around, we had one
    LB who could tackle, the safety position was a weak link and the corners can’t cover and all put their heads down when they attempt to tackle. This years recruiting class needed a couple of impact defensive players. Instead, this staff signs RB’s, QB’s, OL, TE, and a WR! We have what, 10 or 11 receivers already and we bring in someone from a JC who didn’t even play football last year?!?! I have to believe one of those WR’s could play safety better than anyone we had. Maybe that’s why they brought in a new WR. The bottom line is this staff failed to address the most important needs of the program. In closing, it seems to me that this program is destined for mediocrity as long as this coaching staff stays around. I am an avid Sioux football fan and hate to see what this program is becoming.

  4. realist

    Patience FightSioux. I agree that last year at times our defense was outmanned. For me it all stemmed from lack of quality depth up front. Partially the reason they stuck with the 3-4. We have 3 good looking recruits on the D line already in this class and 4 good ones in last years class. Plus some quality LBs last year. This year’s recruiting effort is too far from being done to be shocked at the failure………plus we don’t know all the facts yet. In year 2 of the Big Sky, the speed and talent level will be less of an adjustment for all, the players and staff. As someone who has been going to Sioux FB games for just short of 50 years, I am excited. Last year wasn’t as bad as people seem to think. It was a huge step for the program and we did about what I expected them to do. I think the next couple of years are going to be amazing times for UND football!

  5. Jake

    Oskie. What do you guys hear about Kodee Varner as a RB option for us. Friends of mine from Montana keep telling me we got a very good one from there in last year’s class. Is Varner going to be able to contribute this fall as a RB or even a return man?

    1. We are high on Varner. Heard nothing but good things about him and he has the size/speed to contribute. We would love to see him mixed in the RB rotation to see what he can do.

      1. Geaux_sioux

        That kid is a lot bigger than you think. I thought he was small at first until I saw him in street clothes one day and his shoulders are extremely broad and he is way taller than I thought. He should easily get up to 200 lbs. Pair that with his smooth stride and he could make an impact next year as a return man perhaps and an rb in the future.

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