Odds And Ends

  • UND is currently sitting at 18 “known” commitments for the class of 2013.  However, there have been multiple “recruiting chest bump” tweets sent out by the coaching staff that we know were never confirmed by anybody.  By our math there is still 3-4 commitments out there that nobody knows about, possibly more.  At the beginning of the recruiting season, we wrote that we thought this class would be somewhere in the range of 20-23 signees. We believe 25 is the maximum that a team can sign in any given year.
  • From everything we have seen the major recruiting targets left out there for UND are Rivals ‘3-star’ S/OLB recruit Jameer Thurman of IL, LB Kyle Norberg of IL (soft commitment but visiting Iowa this weekend), QB Tyler Rogers of AZ and OL Jesse Kubik of Dickinson Trinity.  We have not heard much about UND and their recruitment of Bismarck High’s Layne Johs.
  • Don’t be surprised if UND loses a commit or two in the next two weeks.  They have gotten some good players in Wisconsin and Illinois and the FCS schools in those areas are sure to put on a full-court press at the deadline.  Plus, with FBS schools like Northern Illinois and other MAC schools always around, they are sure to come back on those kids if they lose out on their top targets close to signing day.  In those states distance can be UND’s worst enemy.
  • We have not heard any names of potential recruits visiting UND this weekend.   That tells us they must be close to being done.  If they have any, it will be a very small group – maybe 2 or 3 to fill the remaining holes in the class.
  • There are rumblings recently about the IPF fundraising progress being imminently close to putting a shovel in the ground.  We have heard that approximately “only” 1 million more is needed to begin the project (after demolition) sometime this spring.  Very promising, if true.
  • We are considering starting a new installment on our blog called the “SFI Mailbag” where you, the reader, send us questions in regard to the UND Football Program every so often.  We would just use the ‘comments’ section as the place for the Q&A format on a certain topic.  Thoughts on that?

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  1. Hambone

    If Tyler Rogers is one of the big targets left, does this mean that either they don’t feel like Riddle is coming or that Palandech would potentially be playing a different position? Also, would you consider Mike Redmond a big target?

    1. If Riddle is still in, then Rogers is out because Riddle and Palandech would be the two QB’s. Who knows whats going on behind the scenes with that scenario.

      Redmond is a big target. He has offers from Illinois State and Northern Iowa so he will be a tough one to get. The longer this goes on with him the worse it is for UND, in our opinion.

    1. PWOs with local flavor – maybe Carson Hogan from Bemidji? Bryan Bjerk from Red River? Devin Haxton from Harvey? Layne Johs from Bismarck? Those are just potential guesses. We haven’t heard much on PWOs yet. Typically that starts getting sorted out during the final week or 2 before signing day though. We should know more on that after this weekend.

      Video Blog – that is impossible given our technological talents and knowledge (or lack thereof), lack of proper equipment, radio faces and time.

      1. Eric

        I like Carson Hogan as a PWO. What about Grande? Is he worth a look?

        Also are you hearing names as to who might be flipped? Hopefully not Reyes and Kuksa.

          1. John

            Grande’s worth a look for sure. Other guys that might be worth a look for PWOs are.

            Stetson Carr – Hazen (Baylee’s Brother)
            PJ Peterson – Larimore
            Trevor Zacher – Beulah (Might be worth a look for BBall)
            Preston Lehmann – West Fargo
            Spencer Robbins – Cavalier
            Chad Jelnik – Park River
            Kedon Sweetney – Warroad

            All guys that probably would be getting a serious look back in the D2 days. As we have seen in D1 here and at SU these local kids will work hard and some eventually turn into players that contribute. If we have spots of course.

      2. geaux_sioux

        I think Bryan Bjerk could be a steal if they can keep him away from big time track programs. He has Brock Bellmore type run stopper written all over him.

        Also it seems that Johs is a UND guy at heart. Do you think we could get him as a PWO over NDSU’s offer?

        1. I hope you are right about Johs being a ‘UND guy at heart’. However, I don’t think there is anyway he turns down a schollie at NDSU to walkon at UND. I guess it could depend on how much the NDSU offer is.

          There were rumors going around that Johs had no interest in playing college football in the first place. That may be one reason why UND hasn’t offered him. They already have Gray and Sharp at RB in this class. I would love to have Johs no matter what – a North Dakota kid who we think could eventually contribute. UND has a great track record with Bismarck kids recently.

          1. John

            Johs highlight tape looks almost better than the other backs. Competition obviously isn’t as good, but he looks strong and fast. I think he would contribute eventually. Probably no RB spots left though, I would guess.

  2. Hammersmith

    FCS allows 30 initial counters per year. FBS is limited to 25. (bylaw 15.5.6) I think they are also allowed at least 10 walk-on positions for fall camp. (bylaw says 95 are allowed to participate in preseason practices and the 63 allowed scholarships can be given to a maximum of 85 student-athletes.)

  3. Cfm

    I like your new posts and I think a q & a will help for those of us who may not want to wade through potentially negative or annoying comments from others.

  4. Hambone

    Do you know anything about James Dills out of Wisconsin. Was looking at a few of the old chest bumps and recruiting tweets by Kotelnicki from back in Nov/Dec and noted that he retweeted some of them. Looking at his twitter about that time someone asked if that’s where he was going and he said maybe. Are we missing a bump out of Wisco? Just thought I’d throw it out there.

      1. Hambone

        Cool – just thought I’d throw it out there – maybe a PWO type player. Hopefully you guys can dig up some confirmation on those Cali boys.

  5. Joe

    2 UND FB coaches came and sat directly in front of me last night at the Weber St-UND Mens game. One, I won’t mention his name but he was a former Sioux QB, (ha) was on his smart phone most of the game. I didn’t mean to snoop, but there it was right in front of me. He was looking at and replying to serveral emails most of the game. I noticed emails with subjects like “RE: weekend visit” and “RE: football visit” on the emails he was getting and looking at. I wanted to ask………………but didn’t seem like the appropriate time. Must be a crazy time leading up to the big day. I don’t think I’d like the off season pressure of being a coach involved in recruiting. Can’t wait to see the final list of future young men wearing the green and white!!!

  6. Geaux_sioux

    How do you guys feel about the new verbal Rashad Williams? I thought he showed some flashes of brilliance on film and looked extremely explosive.

    1. Williams has great measurables that you just can’t teach. He also ‘bends’ pretty well for a 6-5 guy. His feet are just average to good right now.

      I think overall he’s a project but could end up being someone we look back on as a steal if he develops properly. He probably ends up as a tackle in college.

      1. Hambone

        With how many OL it appears we’re bringing in (Williams, Bell, Stockwell, Miller) not counting Adams, is it possible one of these could be on defense? I know we have Miller listed as a DL on your blog, but I’ve heard he’s being brought in on offense. I think AJ Stockwell has the athleticism to play DE and excel.

        Also, EDGYTIM didn’t list Kuksa as a UND recruit in his latest article, although I know you had mentioned it too him along with Sharp and Reyes. Is it possible he just hasn’t independently confirmed it, or are we looking at a possible defection?

        1. I don’t know about moving any to defense but yes, it does seem like there will be an overload of OL now. We will get into numbers after signing day. Brandon Miller could easily be an OL, we had hoped he was DL based on need but it could be offense.

          Kuksa should still be solid as far as we can tell. He will be the underrated steal of the group.

          1. Hambone

            I just saw an EDGYTIM tweet noting that there were two more confirmed to North Dakota, so I’m assuming it’s probably Kuksa and O’brien. Although I haven’t seen anything from him on Palandech either.

        2. As far as I know and have heard, Brandon Miller will play DL at UND, which is why we have listed him there. Stockwell will play offense, probably tackle eventually because of his frame.

          Kuksa is a solid verbal from all I have heard and read.

  7. UND Fan

    I have heard nothing about Bell. Is he solid? If not, that may be the reason for bringing in an extra OL or two?

      1. geaux_sioux

        This class is defiantly solid. Love that they’re attacking the issue of getting pushed around in the trenches. They’re building for the future in the right place.

  8. Corella

    It can’t be overstated here – Luke is doing an amazing job in IL! Not only is UND getting some very good players out of the state, but they’re also getting players who have played against a higher caliber of competition and also some highly highly intelligent kids. Their learning curve won’t be as steep, so expect some early contributions out of some of these IL guys.

    As a whole, this group looks fantastic. Just hope there are no bad surprises tomorrow and that we get a good surprise in adding depth at nose. A good nose makes average ILBs a ton better, and that’s an area that’s been lacking since the mid-2000s.

  9. Jay

    I see a good surprise at NG tomorrow. No way do we not bring in a solid player at the most important position of our defense. I just don’t think we have heard of him yet. Its going to be a good day for UND football tomorrow.

    1. No transfers as of now. The only chance would be after spring ball when an FBS kid decides to leave. However, we will know alot more about how Mollberg and Bartels are shaking out after spring ball. If one of them shows they can do it, I doubt they entertain the thought of a transfer.

      1. stlfan

        the only way a transfer from an fbs school can transfer and play is if he is a 5th year senior who has already graduated. We experienced that last year with the Hanson transfer. Not a positive result.

        1. Eric

          That is only to transfer from an FBS to FBS. An FBS can transfer down to FCS and be eligible immediately (case in point, Dustin Adams of this class).

          Oskie / Fritz – it sounds like Oscar Opara may have signed this afternoon. What are your sources telling you about this?

          1. I just read that article. Interesting situation we got here! I love the kid, he is a player at a position of great need for UND. We are extremely surprised by this and will try and dig up whatever we can – we really hope it is true!

        2. Not true. An FBS player can transfer “down” to an FCS program because it is technically a lower level in the NCAA’s eyes. They are immediately eligible to play at that FCS school. FBS to FBS or FCS to FCS requires a special situation like already graduating and have a year left on their time clock.

          Also, Braden Hanson worked out just fine last season. If he doesn’t get hurt trying to block in the opening game he may have broken multiple UND records.

    1. Somewhat but only because of depth due to losing Rashadeem Gray late in the process. We like Sharp alot, he has good speed and is a low-to-the-ground, stout runner who should develop into a nice back. Gray was never going to be an every down stud so we are not as worried as some about that loss.

      Here is what they have for 2013:

      Miller, Jake RB 5-11 167 Sr.
      Garman, Jer RB 5-9 177 Jr.
      Shaugabay, Adam RB 6-1 202 Jr.
      Sparks, P.J. RB 5-9 192 So.
      Varner, Kodee RB 6-0 175 RFr.
      Patrick Sharp RB 5’10” 180 Fr.

      As you can see, there is some options there but alot of them are inexperienced. I see Miller being the starter with Sparks being #2 and Varner pushing for some time to give those two a break.

      1. Geaux_sioux

        I’d like to see some carries for Shaugabay next year as well as Sparks. Shaugabay seems like a pretty ferocious runner when he gets the ball.

        1. Agreed, we still feel that Schaugabay can be an effective 3rd and short running back, as well as being a special teams contributor.

      2. Hambone

        So where does Garman fit in, if you don’t see him being in the top 3? Will he end up as a return specialist?

        1. Good question. He has talent but didn’t ever really stick out when given the chance. To be fair, there haven’t been an abundance of touches for Jer but when he has gotten the chance he didn’t show anything real outstanding. We see him as still being a “tweener” RB where they throw screens to him or put in the slot and motion him, etc.

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