Mat Cox – Capital High School (Olympia, WA)

Mat Cox of Capital High School in Olympia, WA has signed with the UND football program.  Cox, 6’6″-245, was a First-Team All-Conference and First-Team All-State selection at the 2A level in the state of Washington as an offensive lineman.  He was also selected as a Second-Team All-State defensive lineman.  Capital was 11-3 on the year, losing in the state semi-finals to eventual champion Lynden.

Cox is being projected as a defensive lineman at UND.  We can understand that based on need and the fact he has the size and big frame to play the defensive end position in a 3-4 scheme.  He shows pretty good footwork and agility for a big man, being able to use his hands to get off blocks, etc.  Once he fills out his frame he could be a nice addition to the defensive line.

The other nice thing about Cox is that he is an experienced left tackle on the offensive line and in case of need he could easily switch over to the OL or even a be a blocking TE.  Always nice to get a kid that is legitimately 6’6″ and has a long wingspan.  Cox also participates on the Cougars basketball team.







Photo courtesy of Northwest Elite Index



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  1. Hambone

    This kid could develop into a real player for UND. Nice last minute addition, considering he didn’t commit until the morning. Do you know of any other offers for this young man?

  2. Geaux_sioux

    Any idea if he’s a legit 6’6″? Guys are listed at that height all the time and often end up being 6’4″ or 6’5″. Either way a frame like his could get up around 280-290 and not compromise athleticism too much. He could be a prototypical nfl sized de in our 3-4 which would really help the lbs.

    1. We make sure to check on these things based on your exact comment – high school info is not always on the up and up. From eveything we have found, he is all of 6’5″-6’6″. Close enough, he is tall.

      1. Geaux_sioux

        As long as he doesn’t shrink as much as Bell who is apparently 6’3″. Golladay was 6’3″ and then showed up to camp at 6’4″ so it does go both ways. Maybe he grows to 6’7″ by next August.

        1. One other guy, Ruhe, is probably more like 6’3″ from what we heard. Interesting note on him, he got offered a full-ride by Northern Colorado late in the process but turned them down.

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