Spring Ball Delayed – Again

UND’s spring football practice was originally set to begin on March 25th but was delayed due to the massive amount of snow that was still covering the turf at Memorial Stadium.  The new date became Monday, April 1st but the weather had not warmed up enough to melt the snow so now the newest ‘new’ starting day is tomorrow, April 3rd.   This means there will more than likely be 4 practices after the annual Spring Game on April 20th.

The locker room at Memorial Stadium (UND’s main locker room) has recently been renovated and now has new lockers, carpet, etc.  The lockers were all custom made and look very nice, decked out with all the little things a football locker should have.




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    Obviously, the new facility is urgent for both the ability to have spring practices as well as make UND competitive recruiting. One question……is there really not some type of plow out there that can safely remove the snow from the turf? It is sad that a D1 program has to send the team out with shovels to remove snow.


    Okay…sorry to be negative but I stopped by practice yesterday. The weather was pretty crappy with snow. The team is out there in shorts! I asked one of the boys why there wearing shorts and he responded by saying “that’s all we have, we don’t have sweats”. Again, find it funny thy a school trying to be D1 has to send the team out in snowy, 30 degree weather in gym shorts.

  3. sioux_fan

    I was at the Friday practice for about an hour. The boys didn’t seem to be phased at all by the conditions. They seemed excited to be out there. When they separated into position groups, Muss was with the O-line doing a lot of teaching for the last 20 minutes I was there. I’m guessing he is going to be very hands on with the hogs this year.

  4. Nate

    @SiouxForever 30 degrees is not too cold for shorts if you are engaged in athletic activity. Pants would get wet with the snow and become heavy and annoying.

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