What To Look For – Spring Game 2013

With the annual spring game coming up tomorrow at 2pm at the Alerus Center, we thought we would share what we are watching for.  One nice feature that we assume will be available again this year is the ability to watch the spring game via UNDSports.com.   This allows us to verify what we thought we saw and to also watch the interior line play, which is very hard to judge at game speed.

  1. Which young QB will shine?  Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels have each taken their turns having good and bad days.  Ever since the defense opened up the playbook and was more aggressive in spring ball, the QB play became more inconsistent.  This is to be expected to a certain degree, but they need to start adjusting to it better.  Can Jake Hanson move around to make plays and provide the depth they need if someone goes down?
  2. Which interior offensive lineman will shine through?  We will be watching young OL like Sean Meehan and Ross Windfeldt.  The RG position is wide open and Meehan will need to step up and push senior Jake Hoerchner.  Depth at the center position is also a concern and someone needs to step up.
  3. Which cornerback wants to win the job opposite Daryl Brown?  Going into the spring game our pick for starter opposite Brown is sophomore Rumeal Harris.  The Eden Prairie alum has had a noticeably good spring.  Junior Tyrhe Ivery and senior Chris Hall will also be in the mix.  We aren’t sleeping on freshman Dan Konowalski either.  While he isn’t quite ready right now, we hope that by the end of fall camp he has a comfort level with his technique and the defense so that he can be in the rotation.  He has showed promise so far this spring and his confidence has grown.
  4. We are excited to see freshman RB Kodee Varner and junior RB Adam Shaugabay run the ball in a game situation.  Its unfortunate that PJ Sparks will not be able to play due to injury because we were expecting good things from him in the future.
  5. Its also unfortunate for UND fans that freshmen LB Brian Labat and NG Mike Edwards will both be out with injuries.  They have both been talked about very highly but UND fans will need to wait until fall to see them play.


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  1. sioux_fan

    I’ve watched 2 practices and the spring game. Overall, I like the talent level. The real key for me is how both lines improve. Everything depends on that. For decades we’ve been used to some very good line play for the good guys in green. Last year I felt for the first time in years we were out-manned and out-talented on both lines in about half of the games. If we don’t take a giant step forward there I have a feeling we’ll see all three freshmen QB’s a lot this year due to getting them banged up if we have shaky performance from the line. I hope those young linemen stick around and work hard this summer. I think think the players and coaches have a good feel after year one of the BSC what they have to do………………………….and boy there were some good ribs in the Alerus parking lot yeserday!

    1. I think you are right about the line play, good observation. We will be expanding on that and other things in our next two writeups. Thanks for the comment!

  2. lukes

    Liked the development I saw from some of the local talent. Nelson, Barton, Hickel, Reinecke, Coyle. All looked like they could contribute next year. That is nice to see. Nelson in particular was impressive considering I didn’t remember him on the team.

    Another thing to point out, is we were missing a lot of key guys yesterday, and we still have the incoming freshman class, where I think we’ll see a couple shirts pulled.

    1. Once again, great comment! There were a few of those guys that did stick out. It is nice to have local GF/ND kids on the roster and also have them positioning themselves for playing time. Heard good things about Barton, plus Hickel got some PT last year.

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