June Random Updates

There have a been a couple newsworthy items that have popped up in the last couple weeks concerning UND Football.  June is obviously a slow time of the year so when something actually does happen it becomes major news.

1.  Athletic Director Brian Faison hit a couple grand slams in the past few weeks with his future FBS scheduling.  UND announced that they will be playing the University of Utah in 2017 out in Salt Lake City.  In return for traveling out to take on the Utes, who get to keep their native american nickname, UND receives $450,000.  Utah, who recently joined the Pac-12 conference, was 5-7 last season – their first in the conference.  This will be a very tough game for UND as Utah is usually a solid club and will have 4 years of Pac-12 revenue sharing flowing into the coffers before UND heads out there.

2.  Just when UND fans thought that the payday/opponent couldn’t get a whole lot better, Faison announces that UND will take on Steve Sarkisian and the Washington Huskies in 2018 out in Seattle.  The payday for this Pac-12 game:  $500,000.  Now that is a heck of chunk of change.  The Huskies were 7-6 in 2012, losing to Boise State in the Maaco Bowl, 28-26.  Since Sarkisian took over the helm in 2010, Washington has been a very good offensive team and at the same time a very bad defensive team.  Last year they tried to slow it down a bit to keep things under control but historically they have had no problem getting in a track meet with their fellow Pac-12 teams.

3.  Multiple 2013 FCS Preseason Polls have been released.  UND is not ranked in any of them but many of their 2013 opponents are.  Lindy’s and Athlon have both put their’s out so far.  UND has four Top-10 teams AT HOME this year, according to those two polls.  South Dakota State, Montana, Montana State, and Eastern Washington all visit the Alerus Center this fall, making this by far the most attractive home schedule in UND history and possibly the best home schedule in all of FCS.  UND has seven home games in 2013.


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  1. old sioux fan

    I’m looking at hopefully retiring in 3 years……………I can’t wait to take in these road games without the need to burn vacation and rush back. Great job by the AD and a good sign for the program. We need to continue to improve the recruiting, building on some great classes the last couple years, and by the time some of these games roll around we’ll be thought of like we were in the final years of D2. A perennial FCS power, in the playoffs and making a title run every year. UND FB is going to be even more fun in years to come than it has been for my 45 yrs of being a Sioux fan!!!!

    1. Love the enthusiasm Old Sioux Fan. UND has a ways to go but they will get there, no doubt. They have the infrastructure in place to be a Top 20 type of FCS program and just need to keep adding quality recruits who want to take UND to new heights. Last years class was by far the best they have had since making the transition to FCS.

  2. jake

    Oskie and “oldtimer”. Agree with you both. I think the quality, tradition and overall stability of UND is going to enable us to become one of the teams every year in the hunt, certainly for the FCS playoffs, but also for title runs just like the last decade of D2. Plus, from the news we’ll be able to do it without scheduling Ferris State or Crookston. Can’t wait until the season starts!!

  3. hey does anyone know if you can watch the away games on Big Sky TV on your Nook Tablets. I just bought the new HD Nook and it’s got good video. Thanks in advance.

    1. Guest

      Flash is required–or at least it has been in the past, so unfortunately no. I guess there is a chance that America ONE Sports, the company that runs Big Sky TV, will update their service, but I’m not holding my breath. Watching on a computer is relatively easy though; and, if you have the right hookups you can connect your computer to your TV.

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