Pre-Camp Stuff

We are officially under two weeks until the start of fall camp and there have been a few things going on lately.  The UND players report to camp August 1st and have their first official practice Saturday, August 3rd.

  • Besides the signing of Juco DL Humberto Espinoza, UND also recently signed high school DL Delwaun Beard of Culver City, CA.  Beard, 6’2″-230, was an All-Ocean League second team performer for the Centaurs, registering 78 tackles and 6 sacks in their 3-4 defensive scheme.  He appears to have pretty good athleticism and a frame to be able to put on some size.  Beard is from the same high school as current UND DB Chris Brown.
  • The annual UND Football Alumni Golf Scramble is being held today in Prior Lake, MN at the Legends Golf Club.  We have heard there are typically 140-150 former UND football players that participate in the event, with the proceeds going towards scholarships.
  • The UND coaching staff will be unveiling the new white road jerseys at the previously mentioned golf scramble.  Pictures should be popping up on twitter sometime today.
  • Incoming recruits Cam Kuksa and Cole Reyes, both of Illinois, have been on campus and working out with the team for most of July.  Why this is important is both play the safety position, which is a position that is completely up in the air as we approach fall camp.  Both are possible candidates for getting their red-shirt pulled, based on need. Goes without saying, it will depend on how fall camp progresses and how they progress as well.  High school ball is one thing, live college reps are a whole ‘nother animal.


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  1. Hambone

    Other than Kuksa and Reyes, are there any other recruits you’ve heard that have been on campus most of the month?

  2. UNDColorado

    I’m so pumped for football I watched some CFl last night. Those Saskatchewan Roughriders and Dressler are the real deal!

  3. geaux_sioux

    What type of players are Beard and Espinoza supposed to be? Are we looking at instant impact type of players or just added depth types? Also which one do you think will be better and how well will they fit what the defense does?

    1. Espinoza will provide immediate depth, which a decent Juco player should do. We expect him in the 3 deep rotation and he will be counted on for quality reps. The defensive line needs to get much better this year.

      Beard appears to be a few years away from playing based on size. He needs to get to around 250 to be able to take on OL in the Big Sky. However, he does have the athleticism part down pat and is a great looking specimen also. He could be a very good pass rusher down the road.

        1. I suppose there is an outside chance. The strongside OLB position is one that needs to be beefed up, IMO. It would help vs. the run considerably. Those guys rarely cover anything against the pass anyway so maybe beefing them up would help shore up the run game that got gashed so badly last year. He has the athleticism to where he could play OLB at 240 and still move down the line, etc.

  4. SWSiouxMN

    What is the updates on the injuries with the team. Should we be at full health and ready to go when camp starts this week?

    1. The only player we heard about was incoming freshman DL Garett Cary. He had knee surgery recently and will miss most of fall camp. Cary is a redshirt candidate.

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