UND Season Ticket Promotion – ’30 Mins Or Less’

The UND athletic department is trying something different this year.  Last year, attendance rose by a 1,300 people-per-game average.  Couple that with arguably the best FCS home schedule in the country in 2013 and one can see why Dexter Albrecht, the UND Ticket Sales and Promotion Director, wanted to try something unique to further improve the season ticket numbers.  Frankly, when we look at the schedule it shouldn’t be a hard sell. Seven home games for $75 is outstanding.  Add in that five of them are against a Top 25 team and you got “all-time” value.

The promotion is called “30 Minutes or Less”.  To break it down, on Wednesday, July 31st from 10am to 4pm, prospective season ticket holders from the Greater Grand Forks Area can call in and purchase their football season tickets for the 2013 season. From the moment it is finalized, a UND representative (football player, football coach, athletic department member, etc) has 30 minutes to deliver the tickets to your door or they are free.  Yes, free.

Here is a link to an interview that Eric Burton of ‘Goons World’ blog did with Albrecht explaining the promotion and the reasons behind it.

Here is the UND Article on the “30 Minutes or Less” promotion.

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  1. Jake

    Man, I want to see the Alerus rocking like it was during the 2001 year, especially the playoff run that year. Any promotion that helps get new cheeks in the seats is great. You just have to get people there, many of them will get hooked. A few years ago I convinced my brother to come to a game for the first time in years and he’s been hooked ever since. This is going to be a fun season. Lets Go Sioux!!!

  2. Help - I am wishing my summer away

    Dang – this is making me wish for fall when I really need to be enjoying the summer 🙂
    with seven fantastic home games I’m going to be living, breathing and literally EATING football this fall.

  3. geaux_sioux

    People may love this promo or make fun of it but either way people are talking about UND football. Any publicity is good publicity.

  4. Bison21

    That’s a good deal. It would be nice if the “Sioux” can make the playoffs and play the Bison.

    1. geaux_sioux

      Could you imagine the build up? Also imagine how much pressure NDSU would be under to win? If they won 34-10 it wouldn’t be big enough and a close game would probably be looked at almost like a loss. And if UND were to win a giant sink hole would probably open up in Fargo and frogs would rain down from the sky.

      Honestly nothing would be sweeter than the matchup so inexpensive and obvious that the NCAA would surely make it happen. For now it’s on us to get to the playoffs.

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