Roster Check

Thought we would do a quick Spring 2013 vs. Fall 2013 roster check and see who isn’t around and who may be a school start player in the fall.

The following players we are confident are not returning (based on them being scholarship players but NOT listed on Fall roster):

1.  CB Dwayne Brown

2.  LB J.D. Allen

3.  WR J.J. Robertson

4.  FB Kevin Bayer

5.  TE Taylor Grant

The following players we believe were walk-ons in 2012 and spring of 2013 and are not currently listed on the Fall roster.  We believe a couple of these guys may be “school start” walk-on’s, meaning they join the team once the roster limits get raised on the first day of school-the rest would then not make the team:

1.  FB Tanner Vesledahl

2.  LB Jake Watson

3. OL Luke Hoplin

4. FB Kris Skersick

When looking at that list, there is no real major loss in the group.  Bayer and Robertson probably had the most potential but we don’t worry too much about Robertson because he was only on campus for a semester.  Also, as long as they can find a long snapper to replace Grant, none of these defections should have any real impact.

4 Responses

  1. JW

    To bad about Allen as I had heard the coaches talk publicly about him a few times when referencing who could step in and help this year. What happened there?

  2. Guest

    Is it possible for you to show the sidebar, without clicking into an article? It would be nice to see all the info one the homepage.

    1. Yes it would. We were told we have to switch “themes” to get them back and we have not done it yet. Why Areavoices cannot simply fix the problem is unknown. So, to make a long story short, we will have to switch our layout over at some point, which take a long time. I know it is an inconvenience and for that we apologize.

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