Week Two Update – Offense

We’ve seen a bigger emphasis on an improved running game over the last couple practices. It appears that UND is trying to really work on getting it on track.  They have been running out of a number of different schemes/formations.  We said previously that it was at the top of the list for us as something to watch for.

We love the left side of the offensive line right now.  Tackle Joe Kleason and guard Brandon Anderson are doing a nice job in all phases.  Center Shea Walker also seems to have adjusted well to his new role.  Walker has the tools to be a good one.  Left tackle Darren Deneui has also played well and obviously has that spot locked up.  The right guard position is one that seems up for grabs as Sean Meehan and Jake Hoerchner are really battling to see who will get the start vs. Valpo.

Running behind the O-line has been a stable of RB’s that includes Jake Miller, Jer Garman, PJ Sparks and Adam Shaugabay.  All 4 bring different elements to the running game with their unique running styles.  True freshman Patrick Sharp has also taken some reps and physically looks like a mature college player.  He still needs to add weight, but if injury becomes a concern at this position Sharp could be called on.  Still too early to say who will be starting or getting the lion’s share of the carries.

The QB situation is about as close to a dead-heat as it gets.  Both Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels have been having their moments, according to all reports and what we’ve seen and heard.  Mollberg appears to be the better overall athlete and long-ball thrower while Bartels is the steady, pocket passer who likes the short to intermediate stuff and throw’s them well.  Going to be a tough decision for 1st year OC Luke Schleusner.  It would be nice if one of the freshman QBs started to pull away from the other to make it easy for picking a starter going into week one prep against Valpo.  So far, that hasn’t happened as far as we can tell.

We have not seen much of WR R.J. McGill yet in fall camp.  He is trying to come back from a knee injury but he has not been back 100% as of yet.  Something to keep an eye on.  The senior from Arizona did play as a true freshman so he could use a redshirt this season if needed.  Might not be the worst thing moving forward if he’s not 100%.

McGill’s fellow AZ-WR freshman Aeron Carr has really impressed in fall camp.  The highly recruited Carr was a speedster and big play dynamo in high school and not much has changed in college.  Because UND is so deep at receiver we still see Carr redshirting and putting on some size in the weightroom this fall/winter.

At 6’6″-285, freshman AJ Stockwell could physically play right now.  He is currently lining up at TE but would be an outstanding tackle someday with some added weight.  We think he will redshirt but he could easily play as a blocking TE right now, if needed.  With Zach Adler (who also looks great this fall camp), Luke Mathewson, and Tucker Nordby, Stockwell should not be needed unless there is an injury.  However, if he just wows the staff enough, he is a candidate to has his shirt pulled.

Junior Dwayne Pecosky finally found a home.  The newly converted fullback (from OG and DT) from Mullen HS in Denver has really thrived in his new position and should help the run game immensely.   He has nice athleticism and a definite mean streak.

****We plan on holding our first Fall Q&A session sometime early next week – probably Tuesday at 12pm – a little nooner chat action.  We will update once we get it hammered down.




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    1. He would be a candidate, yes. Have not seen or heard much about him. They said middle of fall camp and that is now. We will know real soon how he is progressing.

  1. Teeder11

    I thought Kodee Varner looked good in spring ball, but I have not heard much about him this summer/fall camp. Is he practicing? Or did I miss something?

    1. He is out there and looks fine. There is such a logjam at RB, however, that he only gets limited reps. One of those positions where anybody can win the starting spot or get some backup reps, including Varner.

  2. One snap away

    Nice to have two quality QBs hope we can keep them both happy and they are mature enough to realize no matter who starts the other is one snap away from being the man.

  3. geaux_sioux

    How have the true FR OL looked? Miller received alot of praise from Mussman coming in and Bell seemed pretty highly touted. Also Williams seemed to have nice size and feet. I’m not asking for super in depth analysis just an overall feel for how they look out there and if any stand out.

    1. They look alright but have a ways to go. All three need size and reps. Miller and Bell have been lining up at guard while Williams is out at tackle. Naturally, its been tough sledding for Williams going against edge pass rushers during his first two weeks of camp!

    2. I’ve heard good things about Bell and Miller at guard. But like all true freshman OL, they have a long ways to go. Lets just say they will likely be redshirting.

  4. JDB

    Curious about the Redshirt Fr., specifically on defense from last year and who looks like they can contribute? Maybe you will touch on that in a defense post, but I would think redshirts who have been in the program for a year are probably more ready than some of the true freshman. Labat, Cain, Carrothers, Hall, Edwards, Coyle, Rich? Are any of these kids competing for starting spots this year? I’m hoping all can at least add depth.

  5. New Sioux

    I am new to Grand Forks (work transfer) and decided to go watch practice yesterday evening. I am an avid LSU fan but love to support the teams wherever I might be on a given year. I was very impressed with the size of the offensive line. I guess I had a perception that the FCS level might play smaller but that notion is way off! I really enjoyed watching #84, #19, and #87 catch balls in their 7 on 7 drill. #87 had quite a night. I believe #84 is the star receiver and is very quick after the catch. It was great watching what seemed to be a pretty spirited practice. The fellow next to me told me it was their last 2-a-day so I’m sure that contributed to the energy at practice. I am hoping for a great season and love the home schedule. Look forward to reading throughout the season.

    1. Geaux_sioux

      We need more LSU fans around here. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Stop by siouxsports.com and join the discussion.

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