UND Football Fan Fest

The annual UND Football FanFest is set for tonight at 5:30pm at Memorial Stadium.  There will be free pizza and drinks for the first 500 people.  Most importantly, however, fans will be able to pick themselves up an ever-popular UND Yard Sign.  The event is sponsored by Midco Sports Network.

  • Word out of camp is that true freshman fullback Dustin Iverson may be getting his redshirt pulled.  The pride of Elgin, ND is slated as the #2 fullback behind Dwayne Pecosky and will likely play multiple special teams.
  • The QB battle is about as secretive as it gets.  We have not heard or seen anything that even hints at who may be starting in the home opener vs. Valpo.  Freshman Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels have been slated as 1A and 1B for all of fall camp and apparently it is going to come right down to game week before we know who gets the nod.  Our guess:  Mollberg.
  • Freshman transfer OL Dustin Adams of Minot, ND has been seen jogging around at practice.  He has not joined in completely yet but he appears to be getting closer.

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  1. old hog

    Do you guys think they will play both QB’s in game 1? Even when they name one of them as the starter, they still won’t know how they perform in game action. My guess is both play, regardless of how the starter performs. Hopefully, the boys in Green can dominate and maybe all 3 QBs will play

    1. They will both play, guaranteed. The reason is because UND “should” be up on Valpo pretty big at some point and they will start shuffling in the #2s and #3s. We cannot wait to see who they name as the starter. As we said before, our guess is Mollberg and we will expand on that on Monday probably as to our reasons why.

      1. We may need to backtrack a bit on our Mollberg statement. Rumors are swirling that Bartels may be the starter now. We will stay on it.

  2. cfm

    Bartels gets the start. Gotta say it’s a bit surprising based on all of the acclaim Molberg received but it sounds like Bartels is really improving and showing some skill.

  3. JDB

    Bartels had everything going against him to start as he was less highly recruited, not local, & wasn’t the top prospect of the all the local schools 2 years ago. For him to get the nod tells me he has played really well because both of these kids are VERY talented.

    These two guys are going to push each other to be better QBs while here at UND, and Mollberg is a good enough athlete to have special packages for if he doesn’t start. Competition is far from over and I still think Joe is the better long term prospect. I don’t see either transferring until at least their Jr. year because it’s way to early. Lots of time to compete and that is only going to make both of them better. Plus they’ll have a couple NFL prospects to throw to for the next 3 years, and you won’t find that at other FCS or Division 2 schools which is where they’d go.

    This is how UND will be become great…..great players competing for playing time. It brings out the best in everyone. Once you have this at all positions, you’ll have a playoff team.

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