Q&A – Version ‘Fall 2013’

The first Q&A we had earlier this year went very well and had a ton of great questions.  Lets do it again right here.  You can begin firing off your questions anytime and we will answer each of them to the best of our ability.  Once again, all comments will be ‘approved’ before posting.

So without further delay, we give you the Version Fall 2013 of SFI Q&A.  Fire Away!

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    1. I will have to go with Will Ratelle to be the guy to surprise this year. He has the size, quickness, and smarts to man the ILB position and with Goodman still having some light injury issues Ratelle should get in the game his fair share.

    1. From all we heard he has been just fine. Its early still but he still working same as usual, which he should. They haven’t even played a game yet! Mussman didn’t say Bartels was the starter for the next four years. He said Bartels is starting Week 1 vs. Valpo.

      Long way to go!

  1. UND Fan

    How much “buzz” is there around town for the upcoming FB season? On SS.com and here, interest seems to have picked up but that doesn’t mean attendance will increase.

    1. The buzz seems to be even higher this season compared to past years, which is obviously a great sign. The UND marketing staff has done a great job with promoting the football schedule and we think it should translate into increased attendance, no doubt. They need to get in to the 10,000+ range average. That should be the goal.

    2. I think interest is up. I also think attendance will be better, especially given the schedule this year. Of course, having a good product on the field will help determine a lot of that.

  2. UND FAN 1

    What true freshman do you think we are going to see on Thursday? Kuksa, Cheatom, Iverson, Meindel? Any others….

    1. Kuksa was not in the two-deep so that tells us something. They did say he is going to get his shirt pulled….interesting. Meindel will be the full time punter and Iverson will play special teams and spell Pecosky at FB.

      Not convinced we see Cheatom Week 1. That will be a game to game thing, IMO.

      We don’t think there is a need to see Aeron Carr – no need for him to play this year (until their is a major injury to one of the slot receivers, like Hardin or Jackson).

      1. Hambone

        It’s funny when reading the game notes – in the top section it noted that Kuksa was on the two-deep behind Baylee Carr. But then you look at the two deep it listed Coyle as the backup. Wonder if there was a mistake in the two deep listing.

        1. We defer to the actual two-deep as that is put out by the staff. The rest is written up by the SID’s ahead of time and may have not been caught.

  3. jw

    The Valpo game shouldn’t show much indication on where the team is. How do you think the SDSU game plays out? They have a solid RB that could give UND a ton of trouble if tackling has not improved.

    1. The defensive front seven needs to play arguably the best game of their careers to try and slow down that rushing attack. It will more than likely be the best rushing team they face all year and they cannot allow SDSU to simply run power and zone all game. Like you said, tackling will be a major issue as the secondary is going to have to contain the run’s that break out. If tackling is average-to-poor, UND loses badly.

    2. Tackling needs to improve for sure. However, assignments need to be executed by the players better this year as well. Way too many mental breakdowns on the field last year. The players need to be accountable too.

    1. We thought Kuksa initially until we saw the two deep and he was not on it. Our guess is Javen Butler or Devin Coyle will start the year as the extra safety.

  4. UND FAN 1

    Not trying to look past Valpo, but can’t help to think maybe the Jackrabbit game could sell out? Should be alot of local interest in the game. Also, do you think SDSU will bring there Marching Band? Back in the NCC days the SDSU Band was more exciting to watch then their team alot of the years.

    1. We sure hope they bring their band and make an event out of it. UND has had some very good games with SDSU over the years. I think they resonate well with the fanbase and should bring in an extra 1k casual fans, at least. We would sure hope for 11K+ for that one.

    2. We hope to see 11,500 at minimum for the SDSU game. We have to imagine they will bring quite a few fans to the game as well. Very excited to see how everything stacks up for that game. A HUGE litmus test for UND.

  5. UND92,96

    I suppose it’s ancient history now, but given how UND used to handle SDSU in Grand Forks, it’s really hard to accept that the Jackrabbits are actually heavy favorites right now. How have they managed to have more success under Stig as an FCS program than a dII program?

    1. Stig has done a very nice job. He is a steady guy who knows what kind of program he wants to run and never deviates. I think all the extra scholarships combined with their proximity to fertile recruiting grounds has really lifted that program. In D2, they were pretty much stuck in a rut, finishing 3rd-6th every year it seemed. Now they are getting better players and using them well in that same system. Gotta give alot of credit to Stig.

    2. Great question – one I don’t have an answer too. It’s a mystery to me how they could be so dormant in D2 and then all of the sudden be playoff caliber right away in FCS.

  6. Hambone

    Do you think Mackey has what it takes to be a solid safety? I was definitely no fan of his at CB, but am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt through the first couple games.

    Also, is Ivery going to get some playing time this year at CB, or isn’t the switch working out as well as he/we have hoped? I was hoping that he was the answer on the other side of D Brown. Having Hall listed as a started doesn’t instill a lot of confidence based on prior year’s performance.

    1. I think Mackey will be better at safety. However, he needs to get consistent and play like a field general out their who is leading a defense. No jumping routes, etc. Safeties need to make checks, get everyone squared away, and most importantly for this defense: bottle up the runs that break through. He needs to play like a senior out their and own that secondary. We think he can.

      Have not heard much or seen much from Ivery. He is a good athlete but seems to be a ‘tweener”. Not quite a WR, not quite a DB, yet.

  7. Hambone

    Has Dustin Adams been able to get some practice time in team drills yet? I was looking for him to fill the left guard spot, but Meehan hopefully is up to the task.

    1. Do not believe he is going full-time yet but is moving around. His knee injury appears to be a slow-recovering type, not the typical ACL or anything. When back he will give the OL instant depth and both guard positions.

  8. UND Fan

    Are there any HS seniors (or underclassmen) from ND or NW MN that have UND’s interest? I understand that Minot may have a DI prospect or two.

    1. We do like the QB at Minot, is it Yanosko? Seems like a heck of an athlete. Other than that we are out of the loop at this point, need HS football to start and we will be tracking from then on.

    1. Tough call on Sparks. He is in a logjam right now and serves the same role as Shaugabay but is a better pass protector than Adam. We see him definitely getting reps every game but nothing consistent.

    1. He is pretty good. Young, but good. Don’t expect everyone to start the Shane Lechler comparisons but he has a nice leg. Now lets also remember he has a freshman long snapper (Brandon Larson) snapping to him. Two freshman playing the biggest roles on Punt Team. Lets hope for the best!

  9. Winterfeldt

    Whats goin on with this kid? He’s in the hospital still? Why is it hush hush from the media? Heat stroke? Yes that’s 4 questions

    1. Its called HIPPA. We couldn’t find out about the kid if we wanted to, which we kind of do. Sounds like Ross came down with an illness that hospitalized him. Other than that we know nothing but we are wishing him the best and are praying for his full recovery.

        1. Davis will get better also. New coach, new attitude. They are a sleeping giant out there in that northern California area. An absolute TON of damn good football players within 200 miles of their campus.

  10. homer

    Any word on how recruiting has been going? Our coaches are generally pretty quiet about that year round but this year it has been really quiet.

    1. Great question. We have heard absolutely nothing. Which is strange for this time of the year. Usually there is a leak or two about a local kid.

  11. geaux_sioux

    What do you expect from Taj Rich? He looks physically ready but does he have ‘it’ to be a QB’s nightmare like Stroup was?

    1. He will be a player. Going to take time as the OLB position is not an easy one to adapt to. Alot of checks and reads to make, which slow down freshman. Don’t know if he is the mean SOB that Stroup was, which is a nice trait to have as a LB!

    2. I think Rich will start to show signs by the end of the season of what he will eventually be at UND. Next season is a big one for him. I’m not really sure what to think yet because the sample size is so small.

    1. Tough call. Ben Henson has surprised people in camp. He will be cut out of that Jay Nelson mold where they slowly but surely get better with age and continue to bring the lunch pail to work and work their butts off. Not convinced that Edwards will start, but he will play 15 reps a game.

  12. geaux_sioux

    Why have we not been hearing much about Jameer Jackson? He had a monster year as a FR and looked much improved in the spring. I am almost offended for him for the lack of pub he’s been getting compared to his position mates. The dude is a beast and is getting faster. Also do you think Golladay will have more yards than Jameer?

    1. Jackson is getting completely overshadowed by Hardin, rightfully so. UND is not to the point where media outlets will praise more than their most obvious, best player. Golladay gets praise because he is 6’5″ and runs like a gazelle. We think Golladay is going to get some routes/formations that will allow him one-on-one coverage and they will exploit it as much as possible. This tells us he has more yards than Jackson this year.

  13. geaux_sioux

    I saw that Darren Peterson was listed on the 2 deep. Is he that much improved is it that more due to the absence of Windfeldt? He’s an enormous human being but last I saw of him stiff and slow.

    1. You are spot on. Windfeldt would be there if healthy. Peterson has the size but his feet are not the quickest. He provides good depth if DD goes down.

  14. Nodak78

    MSU has been bitten by the injury bug and have lost 2 or 3 starters on defense. This will affect their depth. I’m wondering if Montana maybe a tougher opponent this year with Johnson back at QB. What are your thoughts?

    1. MSU still has the best QB in the country and a prolific offense that can score on most every team. They always have been just OK on defense when it came to playing the best teams so this will definitely hurt them. But, they do have the ability to answer every score with McGhee running the show. I would not put them ahead of the Griz. Not sold on them being “back” as of yet. Losing Hauck and then Pflugrad hurt them bigtime.

    1. Hmmm…forgot about that. We love the step they made last season with the AC/DC and the camera ahead of the team. Music needs to be much, much louder though. Also, maybe a faster song? We liked Back in Black but was a bit slow.

      1. geaux_sioux

        Intro songs need to build. Back in Black blows its load in the opening riff. They need to stop caring about what grandma things and blast some rap to get the students and players jacked.

  15. gobigD

    ac/dc -back in black and enter sandman have been over done. there is a cool son by Jesse James Dupree called Rev it up and go-go would be a good song!

  16. gobigD

    the idea of a pump it up song is more about the guitar and thumping base, etc. etc.
    if we are waiting for a cool tune called ” go gettem team formerly named fighting Sioux” it might be a long wait. most songs, rock or rap, will have some offensive lyrics that will offend someone.

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