Post-Portland State Updates

  • The UND offense managed only 11 first downs and 238 yards of total offense.
  • They ran the ball 33 times for a net of 41 yds.  However, the running game was working well in the first half.  They stuck with it throughout the game and it helped set the tempo along with the play of the UND Defense.
  • The zone read plays are starting to come together and it looks as though Joe Mollberg is getting comfortable running those plays and making the proper reads overall.  This was a bright spot in offense on Saturday we thought.
  • Mollberg threw 2 more horrible interceptions that were bad decisions.  He cannot continue to just throw jump-balls up for grabs.  He also continues to run to pressure and leave the pocket when he doesn’t have to.  This looked obvious on the 4th and 4 on the goalline when he rolled right with no pressure and it did not look as though the o-line was blocking for a rollout.  His pocket presence still needs a lot of work.  This comes with experience.
  • The offensive line pass protection still leaves much to be desired.  When Portland State went to the clustered 7-man front and pressures in the 4th quarter, the UND o-line had no answer and looked confused.
  • Kenny Golladay made a great block on the quick-hitting pass to Greg Hardin on the wide side of the field for the lone UND TD.  It sprung him loose for the 80 yard catch and run.  After Golladay cut down the corner, he immediately popped back up and looked to find another guy.  This is the effort you want to see from everyone on every play.
  • Defensively, UND played hands down their best game of the season.  PSU was averaging 530+ yards of offense coming in but only got 392.  While that is still too many yards, UND did hold them only 14 points.  The 281 rushing yards were also way too many.  Some of that had to do with PSU not being able to pass but the rush D needs to be worked on.
  • Both scores by PSU were setup off botched punt attempts.  The first one was blocked and the second was fumbled by freshman punter Mitch Meindel.  Those two TD “drives”:  18 yards and 15 yards.  We will state that if PSU more than likely never would have scored a TD (barring a late hurry-up drive) if they had to go the length of the field.  That was proven through three quarters.
  • Time of Possession:  PSU 36 mins – UND 24 mins.   For the UND defense to play that well considering how poorly the offense was playing is truly a sign that things are turning around on defense.  They are not good enough yet, but they are getting better.
  • Once again, Cam Kuksa and Garrison Goodman led the team defensively.  These two are obviously the heart of the defense at this point.  We love both of their demeanors on the field and it appears they are rubbing off on the rest of the team as the effort on Saturday was much, much improved.

UND received their first verbal commitment to the Class of 2104.  WR Develyn Ferguson of Wauwatosa West High School in Wisconsin pledged his commitment to UND last week via twitter.  Ferguson, 6’2″-175, had 25 catches for 448 yards and 6 TD’s in 2013 to lead Coach Matt Good’s Trojans in that department.  The Trojans lost in the first round of the Wisconsin D2 playoffs last week.

Ferguson shows good route running skills and footwork.  He has decent speed and is obviously a very good athlete.  He reminds us of current UND WR Jameer Jackson.  While certainly not as thick as Jackson, he has similar running style and plays like a physical type of WR.  Ferguson will be a nice target once he fills out and is playing at around that 190-200 pound range.

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  1. Den

    Since no one else has come on here to say it, this loss and the way it was lost, is one of the most telling signs of the FB programs downfall. The defense played their hearts out, the offense and special teams looked like Valley Middle school, especially the offensive line play. If I am a 6-3 and 275 pound lineman and get my ass handed to me the way these guys did I would wear a paper bag over my head to class the next week. I would question why I am even playing FB and if I am truly deserving of getting myneducation paid for. This line is possibly the worst that has played for und in 40 years. Since we have not recruited any where near the number of these guys the last few years it appears little will change. Can we find a running back with some ability and grit? This team is at best a middle division II team at the current level of play.

    1. fan

      Den maybe you should put a uniform on and see how you play out there since you have such a strong opinion about them.

        1. fan

          I have decided not to comment anymore on the negativity some state on this sight. All I have left to say is I am a UND FAN and I support the team. We have 3 weeks left in the season. I will be proudly cheering them on from start to finish in each game, whether I am in the stands or watching it on t.v. or whether they are winning or losing, GO FIGHTING SIOUX!!! GO UND!!!

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