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Now that UND is officially over two weeks into the coaching search we thought we would brain-dump a bit about what we are thinking and hoping for at this point.  We have not heard many rumblings coming out of Hyslop thus far and hoped to know more at this point.

  1. The timing of this hire is paramount.  Given the timetable of everything that has happened, we know that any Athletic Director worth his salt and pay grade had a handful of guys in mind when he made this move in the first place.  Since the position is opened until December 10th, we fully expect that UND Athletic Director Brian Faison has been in contact with many coaches up to this point and that he already has a final 3 in his mind for in-person interviews.  Since December 10th is a Tuesday, at the very latest we expect in-person interviews to start being conducted on the 11th (Wednesday).  This is assuming everything is kosher organizationally in the UND Athletic Department.  Brian Faison seems to be a smart guy and understands how all of this works and how the head coach will need time to assemble his staff, get guys on the road recruiting, and start organizing for the official visit weekends.  No doubt he is aware of this and understands the football calendar.  This hire will be Brian Faison’s signature hire and legacy for his tenure at UND as Athletic Director.
  2. In a normal season, UND would be having their first big recruiting weekend of the year this coming weekend, December 7th.  That is not happening.  Their second big recruiting weekend of the year would be on December 14th.  That is not happening.  I would guess almost half of the best recruits at FCS level have committed by Christmas.  That means the new staff will be coming in at a terrible time considering the new “dead period” goes from December 16th all the way to January 15th now.  No ‘in-person” contact can be made in that time.  The longer this process goes on, the worse it will be for the Class of 2014.
  3. There have been a few defections from the UND program over the past few weeks.  DL Mike Edwards is transferring to a junior college, which is strange and means there may be various reasons why he is leaving.  WR Jameer Jackson,  a major contributor the past two season with over 100 catches, is transferring to Mankato-State to be “closer to home”.  Backup OL Joel Isenberger is transferring to Winona State.  We have also heard rumors that backup safety Ryan Cain may be transferring.
  4. With that being said, when student-athletes sign their letters of intent, they are signing with a school and not a coach or staff.  This is obvious given the continuous carousel of college football.  It’s just part of the deal.  For any student-athlete to not at least see who the next hire will be before making a decision is rash at best.  There are so many variables to consider when transferring to another level of football and/or school, both academically and athletically.  We recognize there are extentuating circumstances and each situation is unique, but we still stand by this.  If a player decides after the hire that they don’t think it will work out, so be it.  At least let it play out.  Just another reason that this coaching hire needs to be expedited properly so that both sides (new coach and players) can see if the fit will be right moving forward.  The student-athlete needs the requisite to time transfer at the break if necessary.

We’ll keep writing as more info comes in on applicants over the next week.  Some new names have surfaced and according to Wayne Nelson and Tom Miller from the Grand Forks Herald, the official applicant pool has grown to 50.  That number will continue to increase leading up to and after the December 10th deadline.

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  1. Dan

    You mentioned the athletes sign their letter of intent with the school, not the coach. Made me wonder about current kids under scholarship. Is a new coach locked into kids who were promised scholarships? Can a new coach tell a returning player(s) his scholarship is reduced or pulled, or is that an agreement between the UND and the kid? Does anyone know the legalities of how scholarships are given by UND.? Year to year?

    1. Schollies are year-to-year. They can be rescinded in May for the following school year. Is that dirty pool, yes. But it happens everywhere, all the time. There is fat on UND’s roster that can be trimmed and I am sure a new coach will notice it. Usually players are given spring ball to prove their worth and decisions are made shortly after.

  2. Siouxfan46

    With Jackson leaving and Hardin and Townsend graduating who, besides Golladay and McGill are the young wr’s that look promising.

    1. UNDColorado

      Casey Young is a heck of a player who was buried in the depth chart. The few times he did get in on offensive possessions he made the plays that came his way. Carr will be a stud if he sticks around. Time will tell on that though…

    2. Casey young shoots up the depth chart after Golladay and McGill right now. Aeron Carr becomes an instant impact guy next year and based on talent alone will be in the rotation day 1. The staff considered pulling his redshirt last season so that tells you something given the depth they had.

      If he sticks it out, he will be fine and will become an immediate contributor next season and a big impact guy for 4 years. Being on the field with experienced talent like RJ and Kenny will only make him better. If he follows their lead and works as hard as they do, he will be a stud.

  3. terry shikany

    understand robbin phulgrad applied for coaching job,if looking for a winner he is your guy,got a bum rap at Montana, great recruiter, look at his experience, where he has been, want a winner look no farther.

  4. Harriett

    I have heard that there are a couple coaches still on staff and recruiting. I understand recruiting could be tough with no head coach yet but at least they can keep contact with the prospects they have already been talking too plus reach out to additional ones. If the new head coach is a great selection then it could still have very promising results.

    1. Yes, we have heard Kyle Myers and Danny Freund stayed on to try and communicate with recruits, etc. Hopefully, they are doing that since there isn’t much else to do.

  5. DMB

    It appears that we may be getting somewhat of a break with the lousy weather throughout much of the country. Many recruits will likely not make their scheduled visits this weekend.

  6. Sioux Nation

    The receiving corp is still petty solid. I hope McGill is able to come back from his knee injury. It did seem like he struggled a bit with rehab. I agree with the other posters about Young as well. My nephew is a defensive back and always commented that he thought Young should have been playing more this year. I just hope one of the QB’s can mature and grow into the role next season.

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