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UND is officially 18 days into the search for their next head coach.  With that being said we thought we would look into the time it took other FCS schools to hire their new head coach after a firing or resignation.  Here is what we found:

Western Illinois
– Fired Head Coach Mark Hendrickson on November 19th.
– Hired Bob Nielson on December 19th.   30 DAYS

– Fired Head Coach KC Keeler on January 7th.
– Hired Dave Brock January 18th.   11 DAYS

South Dakota
– Fired Head Coach Ed Meierkort on November 22nd.
– Hired Joe Glenn on December 5th.   13 DAYS

Illinois State
-Head Coach Denver Johnson “resigned” November 22nd.
-Hired Brock Spack on December 15th.   23 DAYS

University of Washington
-Head Coach Steve Sarkisian accepts head job at USC on December 3rd.
-Hired Boise State Head Coach Chris Petersen on December 6th.  3 Days

What does this small sample size tell us?  That 30 days is the most it should take to hire a new coach at the FCS level.  When a coach is fired typically the AD has an idea of a route he wants to go beforehand.  He usually has a short-list ready to go or has a member of his staff ready to seek out potential applicants from that short-list.  In addition to that, all indications are that UND Athletic Director Brian Faison knew he was going to make a change at least 2 weeks in advance.  Plenty of time.

We have not heard much in terms of a timeline for the hiring process.  Usually phone interviews are being conducted as we speak and formal interviews are then setup shortly after the application deadline.  Christmas is coming up quickly and that means their is only two weeks left to get the formal interviews done.  The application deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 10th.  All interviews could happen immediately after that day.

Let’s remember – the 30 day mark in this particular coaching search is December 18th.  That would fall in line with the time it took Western Illinois to hire Bob Nielson away from UM-Duluth.  Plus, it is the week before Christmas.  If the hire is done after Christmas, you are looking at early January at the earliest for a coach to be named.  That would be unacceptable. From a PR standpoint, you want to be able to roll out the new coach to the media and masses when everyone is around campus still and not checked out for the holidays.

We sincerely hope the proper steps are in place and being taken for a timely hire.

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  1. Timeline

    Wouldn’t part of the length be related to North Dakota laws relating to the hiring process for university jobs (ie: minimum posting time)? If they were able to only make 7 days or whatever it may be, I think the timeline would have been much shorter and we’d already seen some of the bigger names that have been speculated, but due to North Dakota law, Faison can’t do much about it.

      1. Timeline

        With the scrutiny on Higher Ed lately, I would guess he kept the process pretty close to the “official” guidelines to not rock any boats. If the time frame was extended beyond that, any chance it has to do with timing for end of FBS season/part of the way through FCS playoffs?

        1. The official deadline is December 10th, after that it’s on. Which is fine. Alot of legwork can be done behind the scenes before December 10th. Then, interviews can go down immediately.

  2. Dan

    have to wonder if Bohl’s departure couldn’t possibly speed up the UND process. The top candidates for us would also be interested in the Fargo U. opening. Hope UND acts quickly and we can win some regional recruiting battles. It’s a good opportunity if we can seize it. Bohl and the coaches going to Wyoming with him can’t talk to their commits, and their overall recruiting effort is likely largely stalled. It’s almost worth it for me to see the Bison keep winning so our staff can get assembled and win some regional kids that might not be locked in FU right now.

  3. Arlen

    Does the fact that Bohl was making a base well over our advertised minimum (plus the Bison’s state of their program) make some of the top choices take a chance and pull out from UND’s opening to take a stab at the NDSU opening? I hope we hear this week about a new UND coach, hopefully with a couple of his coordinators agreeing with terms for UND FB. What a wacky month of December.

    1. If your an aspiring head coach looking to make your mark on a program, which is more appealing right now? (might be a good topic for a blog post).

  4. cfm

    I think we have an announcement either Thursday or Friday morning from Faison with the new coach.

    If NDSU hires from outside they have to go through the same official process. That gives UND’s new coach some traction in recruiting, including on NDSU’s verbals who are in wait-and-see mode.

  5. UND92,96

    Should we expect some viable candidates to apply on the last day? Right now Pflu seems to be the only legit option.

  6. Siouxfan46

    It would be very interesting to take a look at who the Fargo media, (Jeff Kolpack, Fargo Forum), consider viable candidates for the ndsu head coaching position….so here they are.

    1) Scottie Hazeltine- Nevada dc & former ndsu dc
    2) Brian Ward- dc at Western Illinois & former ndsu asst
    3) Rob Ambrose- head coach at Towson State
    4) Tracy Claeys- dc Univ of Minn
    5) Matt Limegrover- oc Univ of Minn
    6) Tim Beck- oc Univ of Nebraska
    7) Jeff Voris- head coach Butler
    8) John Wristen- head coach Colorado St-Pueblo
    9) Jimmy Burrow- dc Ohio Univ & former ndsu asst
    10) Glenn Caruso- head coach Univ of St Thomas & former ndsu asst

  7. Siouxfan46

    ndsu fans, and the media that covers them, have never embraced reality. The hard core bison fans have always been somewhat delusional about the capabilities of that program. I’m sure there are some of them that feel that Bohl’s acceptance of the Wyoming job is a step down, dispute the salary difference. They may also feel that his leaving might signal that ndsu is not quite ready to make the FBS leap, as some have hoped.
    Having said all that, some of those names, definitely not all, are realistic, especially those with ndsu ties.

  8. Siouxfan46

    Sorry, half way through my comment I wrote …” Dispute the salary difference” when it should have said ” despite the salary difference”

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