Final Day For Applications & Thoughts

The UND coaching search has been moving along at a slow pace thus far but that may be changing a bit now.  NDSU Head Coach Craig Bohl announced that he is leaving the school to go to Wyoming, effective at the end of the season, whenever that may be.  Could that change anything for UND?

Actually, we do not feel it will directly affect UND’s search all that much.  Some, but not anything earth shattering.  AD Faison is probably aware of it but with the amount of money that NDSU is going to pay their next coach, they will get a guy that commands a big salary.  UND’s next coach will hopefully be paid a base salary of $180-$200k depending on qualifications and demand of the coach that is hired.   We know the starting salary is listed at $150k, but that is just listed as a starting point we hope.  As important will be the assistant coach salary pool.  A dramatic increase will need to be seen here to get the head coach that Faison wants/needs to be successful with this hire.

UND will get good candidates applying for this job as it is a very attractive job right now.  Whoever gets the job has nowhere to go but UP.  That sentence right their is very attractive to aspiring college coaches.  The foundations, history, tradition, facilities and conference are already in place.  Some coaches are builders, they love a good project and love to start from scratch “their way” and turn things around.  The UND job applies to that scenario.  UND does not need a flashy ‘suit and tie’ big name coach with FBS experience and connections.  Although if that’s what they end up with, so be it. They just don’t have to reach for that kind of guy.  They need a no-nonsense coach who is going to step in and get this program headed in the right direction – his direction, his way.  You throw in the Indoor Practice Facility, which is going to be begin construction this spring and things are pretty attractive right now in Grand Forks.

Prospective coaches could not care less what the team did the year before and how the roster currently sits.  They will come in and see a blank canvas.  AD Faison will give them the keys to the car and tell them to drive however they like.  That kind of power is enticing.

Frankly, the NDSU job is kind of scary to any coach who wants to put his stamp on a program and possibly move on to the next level.  Can a coach come in and do well – of course they can.  Is 9-10 wins likely for the next X number of years – probably.  But, what will everyone say during his first 2-3 years?  “He did it with Bohl’s players”.  Once again, to be frank, if their next coach doesn’t win a National Championship it will be a mild failure or a ‘ho-hum’ season.  The bar was set at the highest level it could possibly be set at – National Championship height.   Bohl said it himself – he maxed this thing out and there is nothing more he can do. Things always average out and that equates to ‘nowhere to go but down’.

Today is the final day that applications will be taken for the UND job.  It closes at 5pm.  We are assuming that the boys from the Herald will be out there this afternoon to snatch the final list from HR.  Also, of note, it is NOT 100% certain that the next UND head coach will come from that list.


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  1. GoSioux

    If your tweet is correct and Bubba did apply then you can start and stop the search right there. I would take him over any of the candidates that have applied already. Bubba is the right guy at the right time for UND. He Bleeds UND, knows the recruiting area, will bring discipline, and is a great leader among other things. No one can sell UND quite like Bubba can.

    He won the NCC after 2 years as Duluth’s head man, and Duluth’s national title was all Bubba’s recruits. We’ll see if any other applications come in, but as it sits now it’s time to bring Bubba home.

  2. John

    If UND hires Bubba that is no different than Mussman. Clinging to the 2001 glory YEAR. He was meiocore at best at Duluth, and the same down at SIU.

    Im sorry but im pretty sure NDSU isn’t going to be looking for a coach that is scared of a challenge. I mean i know your a UND fan but c’mon man. The Bison have 10 national titles with 5 different coaches. As coach Bohl always says “Next Man Up”

    1. When did we say any coach would be “scared of a challenge”? NDSU is far from a challenge right now, anyway. We said any coach who like rebuilding projects or wants to leave their stamp on a program would shy away from what. They will get a very good coach, more than likely an FBS assistant-type.

      The UND job is a challenge, NDSU not so much. Besides, the pay scales are much different. UND will need to look for an up-and-comer who needs to prove himself, and therefore, gets paid less than a proven commodity. Very similar to NDSU’s last coach.

    2. GoSioux

      Saying Bubba is the same hire as Mussman is not the way to look at it. Anybody who thinks that just hiring a UND assistant is not the way to go is way off. Not saying your wrong, just saying every coach is different and just because Mussman didn’t work doesn’t mean Bubba won’t. Tibesar was also DC here at one point during the “glory years,” and i’m guessing you wouldn’t think hiring him would be like hiring Mussman. Bubba has been a head coach in Division II and a coordinator at the Division I level. That’s very different than coach Mussman when he took over.

      I also think Schwiegert has the leadership qualities you want in a head coach. He’s the type of guy kids want to play for and parents want their kids to play for. No BS, father figure type coach with strong ND roots. I think that’s what we need whether he’s a former UND coach or not.

  3. Sioux Mike

    Agree completely with GoSioux.

    Not the most impressive of candidates. We don’t want left-overs, guys who are looking to get paid, guys who have been everywhere and are just looking for the quick way to the top. Yes, we want guys with ambition – ambition to take this team back to the top and sustain it. Not to do well and look for a better higher-up paycheck. That’s a common theme amongst a lot of these applicants. They don’t stay many places long.

    I don’t care what anyone says, this isn’t an easy fix. It will take a couple of years to do it the right way, and then the chore is sustaining it. That being the case, Bubba’s that guy. He’ll get us back into the recruiting area UND Football has always lived and died by, he’ll get the defense back to how it was in the glory days (just like he has at SIU, although the record doesn’t reflect the great work his defense has done there), and he’ll bring the lunch pale work ethic we need. Small town North Dakota guy, he bleeds green, he’s the guy for the job.

  4. Go SIoux

    Don’t give the sandwich maker any press – what an idiot – he lives in a basement and is just looking for attention – funny the first time – not funny to continue to give him space.

    1. The sandwich-maker is not getting any press. The guy from Marshall is.

      Frankly, we find it funny in a time of extreme boredom. This process is going on way longer than it needs to and we don’t mind the levity.

  5. Bill

    Still holding out hope that the actual coach hasn’t applied yet. Bollinger, Caruso, Tibesar, Ed Orgeron? I think hiring process in the state of ND needs to be looked at. This is an issue for getting people to apply for high profile jobs. It will be interesting to watch NDSU’s if they hiring from outside the current staff.

    1. You are correct. We know of more than one coach who simply did NOT apply because it would be public record. Now, having said that Faison can contact them and work the phones without them formally applying – now that the deadline is over.

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