Kyle “Bubba” Schweigert Named New Head Coach

As we had suspected for awhile, Bubba Schweigert has been named the next Head Football Coach at The University of North Dakota.  Schweigert has a long history at UND and that obviously paid off for him in the selection process.  When looking at the candidate list it was apparent there was not anybody better than Schweigert and AD Brian Faison ultimately saw it that way as well.  We heard Schweigert did an unbelievable job in the interview process and made it an easy decision.

Due to the holiday season we do not have time to do a huge writeup but will after Christmas.  We congratulate Coach Schweigert and his wife, Laura, on this huge day for their family.

Merry Christmas all and we are happy we can now enjoy our holidays without worrying about who the next coach is going to be!

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  1. Den

    Welcome back Bubba. I am surprised at the choice given the hype originally about the national search and the length of search, but I think this guy recruited some very good kids to UMD while there and he knows defense which is sorely needed. He knows the quality of athlete to compete in the toughest overall FCS conference as well as learning from opposing NDSU in recent years. A good bit of success will not make him bolt the program right away and I think the kids we attract will be good athletes and good citizens. Too bad that a few athletes were so impatient about their own futures that they could not stick around to see what a hard nosed coach can bring to the table at this level.

  2. UND92,96

    Congrats to Bubba, and I wish him nothing but the best. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if UND weren’t hamstrung by the absurd hiring process, but given the fact that public schools in ND face challenges few other schools/states do, it makes conducting a national search difficult to say the least. I really hope we see some changes in the future with regard to the now infamous “process”.

  3. Property Brothers

    Is the GF herald staff going to sit on their thumbs and not make open records requests concerning NDSU assistant jobs? It’s appalling that Fargo media was able to disrupt the UND search process by publishing names of applicants, yet resort to citing anonymous sources in the search for NDSU assistants (and head coach). They also swept a run in that Leevon Perry had with Fargo’s finest under the rug. Who controls Fargo media? Obviously GT. He has JK, DI, “Herd” (Ryan Gellner) and MM’s balls in his hands. Never thought I’d see it from McFeely. The other 3 are obvious lackeys.

    Would love to see a Tom Miller story on the search for coaches at BOTH universities, with names. Or is he on GT’s list as well?

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