Bubba Schweigert Thoughts, Etc.

As was reported on Christmas Eve, UND selected former Southern Illinois DC Kyle “Bubba” Schweigert to be the next head coach of the football program.  The formal introduction will take place on Friday, December 27th at the Alerus Center.

Schweigert is best known as a member of the defensive staff that turned around the fortunes of the UND Football program in the early 1990’s by installing the 3-4 defensive system.  Schweigert was originally a defensive back coach at UND from 1989-1996 but added the title of Defensive Coordinator in 1997 and held that title until 2003 when he left to be the Head Coach of Minnesota-Duluth for four seasons.

As most UND fans remember, Schweigert led some of the best/most aggressive defenses in school history.  Throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Schweigert gradually brought more and more pressure from different avenues, whether it was zone blitz schemes or secondary blitzing.  The peak was obviously in 2001 when the UND defense led them to a national championship by holding down damn near every offense it faced that year, giving up only 12.5 pts/game.

With all this being said, what do we expect to see from the new regime at UND?  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. When looking at the list of candidates/applicants, it was apparent that Schweigert was a real contender from the beginning.  Ties to the upper midwest is crucial to this job and the majority of the applicants did not have that.  A coach that can recruit immediately without having to re-create the wheel was a must.  A coach with a no-nonsense  attitude was a must.  IMO, the FBS assistants that applied were going to be long shots in that they have not proven themselves as head coaches or even coordinators, for that matter.  We have heard that multiple BCS level assistant coaches called on the job but never formally applied due to the assinine application/open records laws in ND.  They too, would have been long shots though due to our previous comments above.
  2. The defense will stay a 3-4 scheme (duh!).  We believe they ran things a bit different down at Southern Illinois, not a lot, but somewhat.  The defense will look the same to the average fan, though.  First order of business will be recruiting defensive and offensive lineman.  Whether that is Juco or FBS dropdowns, they need alot of each.
  3. We are expecting a pro-style offense.  Meaning a lot of two back sets with multiple tight ends at times.  We do not think he will bring a pistol/spread scheme.  Whoever is named the offensive coordinator will obviously be the key indicator as to what offensive philosophy will be installed.  UND needs to get back to running the ball while the defense is revamped.
  4. Eric Schmidt could be named the defensive coordinator.  The former great UND outside linebacker coached at UND for a couple years before heading down to Carbondale with Schweigert and Lennon to be the inside linebackers/special teams coach.
  5. There are currently around nine players that have announced they are leaving the program as of Xmas break (Golladay, Jackson, Brown, Isenberger, Cain, Edwards, Peterson, Adams (injury), Fletcher.  That number seems alarming but we are hear to tell you that by the end of spring ball there will be many more than that.  New regime means new rules and culture.  There will undoubtedly be players that do not like the new environment and will want to move on.
  6. UND currently has four commitments to the Class of 2014.  Develyn Ferguson (Wauwatosa, WI), Joe Montague (Minnetonka, MN), Drew Greely (Wayzata, MN), Deion Harris (Hibbing, MN).  There will be three recruiting weekends in January for Schweigert and his staff to try and get as many uncommitted recruits on campus as possible.  Not a lot of time but there is a chance to salvage the class if they are able to get the staff together in the next week and get organized.
  7. Lets remember, SIU recruited alot of the same areas that UND does – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Chicago, etc.  Schweigert already knows of many of the same names that will be in the UND database and it should help him get a jump start for January.
  8. Schweigert’s history in North Dakota, being born and raised there and going to college there (Jamestown College), will lend him immediate credibility and familiarity with high school coaches in the state.  He certainly still knows his fair share of high school coaches and it should help him make in roads during recruiting.  Schweigert’s first order of business once signing day is over should be to head out to all ND high schools and engage them once again, like he did back in his UND days of being the state recruiter.

What are your thoughts on the hire?  What type of offense would you like to see at UND?  Any comments would be appreciated on this fine “day after Xmas”!

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  1. Harry

    I’d like to see a smash mouth, in your face style of offense utilizing multiple TEs and 2 back sets as well to match Bubba’s attacking style of defense. I feel this combo better suites the roster, will aide in recruiting and physically will wear down opponents come game day.

  2. Eric

    Other than Eric S. as a possible D-coordinator, are you hearing any other rumors about the staff that may be brought in? I’m wondering if Todd Hoffner may be an OC candidate. Also, any feel on whether Freund and Myers will stick?

  3. UNDColorado

    At this point I just want to see 100% commitment and effort coupled with minimal dumb penalties. If we can do this good things will eventually follow.

  4. ABC

    Had not heard Cain left. He was in line to play this year until he was injured correct? Any word on Kuska being able to play after his neck injury? Those two had the potential to be very good safeties for UND.

      1. money floyd

        What happened to your boy “big snacks” Left for a JUCO. Thought he was gonna be the Next big thing.

        Or was he “not good enough”

  5. Siouxfan512

    A real shame that we couldn’t retain Jackson or Golladay; tremendous athletes. Hopefully, Bubba and his staff can find some good replacements in receiving core. I remember hearing alot of hype on Carr … hopefully he can step in and have a big impact, but the number one goal of this team has to be building a strong defense. and when all else fail and we’re losing, CHUCK THE PIGSKIN!

  6. UNDfan2013

    I hope the new coaching staff first gives opportunity to the younger players (Tfr, Rfr, So, Jr) who are working hard and very motivated…before they go out and recruit JC or dropdown players. I understand there can be a need for JC players to fill gaps immediately but don’t deflate the morale of players already in the program by overstepping their opportunity and talent.

  7. The players who left or plan on leaving seem to have commitment issues. By leaving they are confirming that they were more concerned about playing an athlete than being one.

  8. Question

    So how many UND players are on the Alerus Center crew that set the turf back up for the Bison to practice. Thanks!!

    1. Spectator

      Thinking there is also going to be job openings for staff to watch for shoplifting, flashing kids and general vandalsim.

        1. Siouxper fan

          You may want to reflect on why your previous ball coach was lye go before you run your mouth. Not that an NDSU troll would think before speaking but it’s always good to shut one up!

  9. Cloud

    How about Paul Rudolph as a offensive coordinator candidate? Former assistant coach at St Cloud State and current Head Coach at Minot State.

  10. Joe

    I predict next year at this time we’re going to be complaining about an even worse year than this past year. I always liked Bubba, but with players leaving, taking forever to name the HC, no staff yet out there doing any real recruiting, and a whole new staff I think we’re in for a set back from last year. Rah, Rah is fine, but you have to have the horses.

    People on here like to comment about players hearts or committment issues, I have to laugh. How many of you “experts” have played college football as a full time college student? That in itself takes a great committment and heart. I talked to one player who is leaving. He was thankful for the opportunity at UND and mad to see the staff canned. He said the staff was growing up along with the team and they just needed another year to show that. He said he decided to leave because of UND’s lack of committment to UND football, not because of a lack his own committment or that of any of the players or coaches.

    1. homer

      Did you tell him $20 million doesn’t grow on trees? The prior staff had 6 years to grow.

      Welcome Bubba. I’m excited for next season.

    2. Dennis Olson

      Not sure that Mussman will ever grow up. He acted immaturely from the day he was head coach until he was fired. The only mature thing I saw him do was he took the discharge well. Not as familiar with the staff, but they were young and had little d1 experience. In this business you stick with your teammates, not the coaches, especially when you know you are playing poorly as a team. Mussman had some good qb’s cover his ass for a few years, once that experience was gone, so were any chances of winning.

      1. biggame

        Immaturely??? Outside of Hansen what good QB’s covered his ass?

        I get that you don’t like him but you are clearly letting that influence your view and creating a largely false picture of the guy.

        1. Ole

          I think Hendrickson and goska did on occassion. The game against South Dakota Marcus saved his job. Muss was a train wreck as a head coach.

  11. Mel

    Steve I totally disagree with you .The kids that are leaving are looking out for themselves first I’m sure that no one wanted to leave but with the coaching staff that recuited them gone Golladay I know for sure had better offers than UND

  12. Brent


    The kids that are leaving are selfish! They don’t believe in team. Throughout all of recruiting kids are told never to go to a school because of a coach. Because coaches change! The kids who are leaving can’t handle adversity! Jameer Jackson couldn’t handle any type of criticism and knew he wouldn’t get royalty treatment! And Golladay not only didn’t have other offers he only had one. And UND had to do alot academically to get him into the school! So get your facts strait!

    Mel, I am sure you had a job, or have one. If your boss leaves or gets fired do you leave? Maybe you do and aren’t mature enough to accept change. These boys sign a national letter of intent to play football at the University of North Dakota. They get their school, housing, and books paid for! That’s not enough? Jackson went to 4 different high schools and he is doing the same thing on college! These men need to Grow Up! And Mel you need to get your facts strait!

    1. Jameis

      They were also sold a bill of goods that they would be on competitive teams and vying for playoff spots & Big Sky titles. Along with the fact that the coaches would be there the whole time. They are 19 year old kids 500+ miles from home in a town of 50,000 in North Dakota. If you don’t think that there is going to be kids leaving after the coaches who we recruited them were fired than you sir are naive.

      I hope you turned your back on every Braden Hansen TD pass as he bailed on North Carolina, the school who gave him 4 years of free school.

      O, and Golladay transferred up a level. That would be a promotion, but I’m sure you turn those down at work. I would also argue that Mankato St and Duluth are currently a step up

      1. Rob

        I’m fine with Golladay transferring but I didn’t like when he tweeted to Shaugabay that this is a business. Now with Jackson he came off as very selfish and a baby. I believe coming in we had heard about that and then at the beginning of the season when he supposedly walked out on the team. And I am sorry but Duluth and Mankato are not a step up. Sure they may have had a better record than us this year (I don’t know if they did) but they are not playing against the type of competition that we are.

      2. Den

        First of all on my previous post I meant Goska. Also, these kids that leave are just an example of the ” please me now” society we have in this country. Dedication, work ethic, and loyalty mean little to them. And it will catch up in the end. Golladay has talent, but what has he got in his gut? Jackson was slowest starter at any position I have seen. Size and hands maybe, but he will struggle in any league with DBS that can jump. Also can he stay in school? Golladay will find the Mac a lot tougher than the Bsc.

      3. Property Brothers

        Maybe if they would have shut their yaps and run their routes, even when the ball wasn’t thrown their way, people would look at them differently. Team players don’t pout if every ball isn’t thrown their way. Nice to stick around with their boys. Not.

  13. Siouxguy


    I am sorry but I cannot sit back on this one. I am a current player. I came to und as a 19 year old. I live well over 500 miles from home. I get to see my family for two weeks in summer and 2 weeks over christmas. I was recruited by the previous staff. I was promised nothing. If a coach were to make a promise like that. The kid would be naive to believe it. I have played football long enough to know nothing is given and no promise can ever be made. I don’t know that there is any football team in history that can promise “conference titles”, “playoff spots”, or “national championships”. Nothing is given to you in this life. Even all powerful Alabama is not playing for a National Championship. I can promise you, Nick Saban promised nothing to the kids he recruited. I bet he said you can come to our program and work hard and we will compete to make it to the National title every year. But nothing can be promises.

    So you Jameis are naive to think a coach of any stature could promise something like that to a player. The coach who recruited me is gone. I didn’t commit to him. I committed to the University of North Dakota and my team. I came to this school to get my education, and play division 1 football. I had plenty of other offers to play elsewhere. But I liked it here and would not leave my teammates. I am proud of Kenny for getting the chance to play up, I would love to do that but I am sticking it out with my family, and my UND brothers. The guys who I sweat, bleed, and cry with. Tim Belmore recruited Greg Hardin. Greg stuck it out even though he could have easily transferred up.

    I played with Braden. I appreciated him very much. I am glad he came and played with us for a year. But guess what Braden is now working in Business office in Chicago. He was the number 18 recruit in the Nation out of high school and got beat out at UNC, he just wanted to play. It wasn’t cause he was far from home or had a coaching change, it was because he got beat out. This was not the case for Kenny or Jameer. They were going to be 4 year starters.

    1. Den

      Thank you. Great post. You are a true North Dakota treasure and player. You will do wellin whatever you pursue in the future.

    2. DMB

      I truly appreciate your post and your insight plus I thank you for your dedication to UND and the program. I am not sure what class you are in but I sincerely hope you experience FB success at UND before you graduate and continued success after your college days are done. With your level-headed thinking, you will do well in whatever field you choose!

    3. MoSiouxFan

      Thanks for taking the time and having the courage to speak up. It’s because of character players like yourself that are loyal to your school and your teammates that the team might actually come out of this stronger on the other side for having gone through what they’ve gone through recently. I think it may create a “oneness” and unity on the team that might not otherwise be there. My support for the team and UND remains stronger than ever because of student/athletes such as yourself.

  14. Lee


    Well written piece! That is what team is all about! I got fired up reading that. I am excited to renew my season tickets and support you and your teammates in 2014. Go Sioux!

  15. Danno

    What news of assistant coaches being hired. Are there any coaches from the last staff that will be retained. DC – Goeser from NDSU??

  16. Danno

    I see that Bubba Schweigert is planning to bring Southern Illinois linebackers coach Eric Schmidt as his defensive coordinator.

  17. fan

    I am a parent of a current UND football player. I am proud of the player who stated his thoughts. My son also chose to stay with his “UND football family”, he believes in his teammates. He has a positive attitude about the future as he continues to play for UND. For the players, this has not been a easy thing with their coaches being let go, and most have pulled together and stuck together thru this and that is what will win games..dedication, their commitment and their willingness to go with the changes. I am excited to see what the new coaches have in store for the 2014 season!

  18. biggame

    I have a strong feeling the players and parents are going to like what Coach Schweigert brings back to UND.

  19. Danno

    I always liked Freund as the QB coach. That was one of positions that did seems to maintain or excell. Hope they retain him!

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