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  1. Slick Tom

    I think it is great that UND is really becoming “North Dakota’s Team” with the top tier of the coaching staff. Zeeland (HC), Stanley (OC), and Mandan (DC), how much more hometown or home-state can you get? It will be great to see a team lead by a no-nonsense German from Russia named Bubba!

  2. Siouxper fan

    I love Bubba and remember all the great work he did as an asst. coach but it was really time to move past the “hometown boy” stuff and spend some money on football. The current A.D. Had no clue who was going to be the next head coach when he let Mussman go and I have a huge problem with that. His job is recruit and hire coaches that will build our programs. Football can play for championships (as we’ve seen to the south) and there should have been a much better plan in place for this hire. I want Bubba to win as bad as anyone but I was really hoping Mr. Faison would have a plan for this program. In my opinion, it’s obvious he didn’t.

    1. DMB

      What makes you so positive that Faison didn’t have a plan? Plans don’t always work – especially when the challenge is bringing someone to ND (check the current weather), to a program in a world of hurt right now, to a location 70 miles away from easily the top program in the FCS, not being able to offer an overly attractive compensation package, at a school where hockey is undoubtedly the No. 1 sport, etc.

      We may never know but I would bet that Faison had a plan and had talked to some folks but things just didn’t work out. That said, I am very happy with Bubba and think he will do a great job.

      1. Siouxper fan

        If it can be done 70 miles south of us it can be done here. We’re making huge upgrades w/facilities, spending more on asst coaches, etc. Going outside the old boys network was possible. I just don’t believe he tried very hard or knew who to contact. If someone has evidence to say otherwise, I’m open to listening to it.

    2. jay

      Who’s to say that Mr. Faison didn’t have a plan of hiring Bubba all along. I like the Hire as Bubba is a proven coach with a great respect for the game and especially UND. His enthusiasm for UND will help him get the recruits he needs. With Bubba as coach and a recruiting class of FBS transfers (think Braden Hanson), a few JUCO’s and a strong 2013 Freshman class I think 2014 will be better than many predict.

      Go Bubba–Go UND

  3. Mike

    Faison has always had a plan for football. The problem was his plan was to run it as cheaply as he could. Mussman was doomed for failure by the transition, nickname, conference situation and poor support from the AD financially. A staff of kids. Any head coach was doomed. That school 70 miles away was supported through their transition and stuck with coaches when fair weather fans were screaming for a change. I told Faison all this a few months back and got an indifferent shrug.

    I’m glad the AD is going to finally spend a little more on staff, but not real impressed with what were getting so far. I know I’m in the minority on this thought, but canning the staff will set UND football back 5 years. A little more patience and dollars for assistants 3 and 4 years ago, or even this year would have us far more competitive in the next few years than we are going to be. Fans love to see coaches they hate get fired. Problem is, it almost never has the effect we all want. You may see little snippets of hope, but we’re in for some darker years ahead. As a 60 year old, lifelong Sioux fan I was hoping for some staff improvements, just not a staff explosion of re-runs. I truly hope I’m wrong.

    1. Geaux_sioux

      Some good points but Mussman is a lot like Wade Phillips, great coordinator, just not a head coach.

  4. Mike

    Uneducated football fans like to make it as simple as either someone is a good coach or they are a bad coach. Coaches don’t suddenly get dumb or lose knowledge from one year to the next. There are a thousand different circumstances that play into a football team’s success. To make it so simplistic as “great coordinator, just not a head coach” doesn’t take into account these things. But, it’s a fans right to play the know-it-all game from an anonymous 50,000 foot view.

  5. Rob

    Hey SFI guys, have you heard anything about Norberg possibly not coming back? I know there was some talk on SS that he visited Illinois State I believe. Any other players that you have heard may not be returning that have not been mentioned before? Keep up the good work!

    1. We believe he is coming back, but cannot say 100%. We would think it would be known by now if he was transferring since school starts in a week. We are definitely trying to find out, put it that way!

  6. Danno

    Any word on status of new recruits, 5 graduating senior linebackers alone to replace is going to be tough.

    1. First weekend coming up. Should be 10+ in this group. We will have a writeup on Friday about who we have sniffed out as coming on a visit. They have three weekends to make hay!

  7. nola

    I was at a cheese farm in South Alabama last month and ran into a Saluki fan. He said his biggest complaint about Lennon was his loyalty to his assistants. He pointed at DeBoer as an example of someone who should be gone for not getting the job done. I don’t think that fan will have that to complain about next year.

  8. Joe

    SFI guys. Thanks for all your digging into recruiting and looking forward to your reports. I’ve heard Sparks is gone and I’ve also heard that’s not true. Do we know if he’s leaving for sure?

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