Coaching Staff — UPDATED

Here is how the UND Football Coaching Staff is currently sitting:

Head Coach – Bubba Schweigert

Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach – Paul Rudolph

Defensive Coordinator – Eric Schmidt

Special Team Coordinator – Shawn Kostich (Minnesota)

Offensive Line Coach – Luke Knauf (Western New Mexico)

Wide Receivers Coach – Danny Freund (UND)

Running Backs Coach/Recruiting Coordinator – Kevin Maurice (Purdue)

Defensive Line Coach – Jordan Gigli (Sacramento State)

Inside Linebackers Coach – Eric Schmidt

Outside Linebackers Coach – Joel Schwenzfeier (UND)

Cornerbacks Coach – Marty Rodgers (Southern Illinois-Minot State)

Safeties Coach – Bubba Schweigert

As you can see the only spot unfilled is the Offensive Line job.  We know it will be an external hire, more than likely somebody with a MN/WI background that can solidify a recruiting area.  We are working on this one.

UND recently hired Shawn Kostich from the Gophers to be the Special Teams Coordinator.  Kostich is from Moorhead, MN originally and his father, Dan, is a legendary high school coach at Moorhead High School and Concordia College.  Kostich was highly thought of by Jerry Kill during his time at UM, enough to be put in charge of several special teams, while only a graduate assistant.  He is young, being only 27 years old, but these are the chances you take at this level.  If Jerry Kill goes to bat for a guy, you trust him.

We can guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, that the first recruiting weekend of the year is coming up this weekend – January 18th.  These next three weekends are obviously huge for the program but will also be big in numbers.  To fill a class, they need to sign at least 20 players.  Currently, they have four.  We figure there will be 13-15 players at each weekend.  There are still some major targets out there and UND needs to work their tails off to get some of them on campus.  If they can get them on a visit they at least have a chance, even though it is very late in the game.

UPDATE:  UND has named Luke Knauf the new offensive line coach.  Knauf, originally from Stratford, Wisconsin, played at the University of Wisconsin from 2003-2006 as a guard and center.  He was most recently the offensive coordinator at D2 Western New Mexico from 2011-2013.  Knauf has also coached at Luther College in Iowa and Wisconsin-Lacrosse.  We love the fact that Knauf has been a coordinator before.  This will help bring an outlook to a fresh outlook to game planning and wrinkles in the offense.  We also love the fact he played for Barry Alvarez & Bret Bielema at Wisconsin and  knows how the power running game works and how lineman should look/play.  Very good addition to the staff.

UPDATE 2:  Danny Freund has been confirmed as the new WR coach.  We had heard he was retained from the last regime and it turned out to be true.  The former UND QB was always a very intelligent player and will be a nice addition as an alumni liaison, also.  We have heard nothing but good things about his work ethic and enthusiasm, which are always nice to have around an office.


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    1. Geaux_sioux

      They need to be more than extra blockers. An OL can’t teach them how to be an effective pass receiver which is essential to a good PA offense.

  1. Guest

    I’m liking the staff Bubba has pulled together. Looking forward to seeing the recruiting class they’re able to pull together in the coming weeks!

  2. Eric

    The names I’ve heard of that will be on campus this weekend are Keaton Studsrud, Justin Diddell and Deion Harris.

  3. Nodak78

    I noticed on the announcement of Freund as WR coach, the last sentence says one more coaching position to be filled. I assume this is the RB coach yet to be announced Maurice. But since the announcement hasn’t been made do you think he had second thoughts.

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