Welcoming An Addition To The “SFI” Team

In the midst of the frenzy that is recruiting season, we wanted to take a minute to announce an addition to our Sioux Football Insider team.  For years we have only covered the team from a distance, blogging about what we knew or heard through various sources in Grand Forks and throughout the upper midwest.  We have decided to step it up a bit and add a public media correspondent that knows a bit about football and is willing to donate his time to help us out.

Kelly Howe, former UND free safety and team captain, has agreed to be a liasion to the blog and add insight from a past player’s perspective.  The former All-American played for Coach Bubba Schweigert from 1995-1999 and was also a teammate of current DC Eric Schmidt.  Howe was also the sideline reporter for the UND Football team, working along side Dan Hammer and Mike Berg,  from 2008-2009.  So he has some experience participating in the media realm – performing interviews of coaches & players, etc.

We hope to have him ready to go for the end of recruiting to give his thoughts on the Signing Day Class of 2014.

We are also considering adding another member to the team over the next few months to help out.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Adam

    Nice to hear. Does this mean expanded coverage at all? Interviews, in person spring/fall camp reports, video, etc.?

    1. We hope so. Kelly lives closer to GF than we do so we are going to try and get some interviews with coaches after recruiting, spring ball, etc. As far as video, we will need a tutorial on how to upload that but if we can, we will!

      1. Adam

        Great news! Have you guys ever thought about doing a short Q/A with top recruits in the area or UNDs top targets overall? Similar to what Scout, Rivals, and local sites like Gopherhole do? Thinking more for the 2015 class.

        Might be a good way to get some of these kids thoughts on UND early in the process, and also help put UND more on their radar?

        1. That is a good idea in theory but with the new NCAA rules on contacting recruits, we tend to leave that alone. No reason to even chance it. If you even watch a UND game in person, they damn near deem you a “booster”.

          1. Adam

            Probably a good idea although I find the NCAA “rules,” to be somewhat of a joke. They seem to be different for each school. Here is a interview a guy who runs a Bison site just did with a recruit. My guess would be he would be classified as a booster if those rules are as strict as that. Not disagreeing with you, just pointing something out.


          2. Spectator

            Interesting – because I believe it was communicated that the rules say that until a student athlete is “On campus and enrolled” that any booster contacting them is a violation. Based on that I would say that interview is a NCAA rule violation.

  2. Spectator

    Legend has it that Kelly has stories about what the NDSU staff said to him when they were trying to recruit him – truth or legend?

    1. kellyhowe

      Thanks for the comment. Actually, nothing too fascinating. Rocky was fairly normal the whole time and other than trying to convince me they had Jimmy K. on the brink of committing, everything else was straight up..:)

  3. J

    Congrats on getting Kelly on board. Now you need the fisherman at Longville, MN, to add his $.02. Calls himself “Vince”.

    1. No we didn’t. Him voluntarily commenting on our blog in the comments section is not “us having a conversation with a recruit”. We have zero contact with recruits. No reason to. We leave that up to the Grand Forks Herald.

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