UND Football Class of 2014

Here is your UND Football Class of 2014.  For more in-depth coverage go to UNDSports.com.  We will continue on with individual recruit writeups as the week goes on past signing day.  This is all obviously pretty fluid so we will adjust accordingly on the run, when necessary.

Here’s the breakdown by state so far:

EDIT:  Map image has been updated accordingly as of 4:15 CST today

Below is the breakdown by position.  Some of this is speculation and projection by us on where the recruits will end up playing as there are a few guys who play different positions.   Some guys will also develop and move into different spots as they progress:

Quarterback (1)

Running Back (1)

Fullback (2)

Wide Receiver (2)

Tight End (3)

  • Luke Fiedler – 6’5″ – 215 – Orlando, FL
  • Austin Cieslak – 6’3″ – 250 – Hazen, ND (H-Back)
  • Luke Stanley – 6’4″ – 210 – Menomonie, WI (PWO)

Offensive Line (3)

Defensive End (2)

Nose Guard (3)
  • Jonathan Harris – 6’3″ – 270 – Morgan Park, IL
  • Demon Taylor – 6’3″ – 280 – St. Louis, MO
  • Dylan Beck – 6’4″ – 285 – Lakota, ND (PWO)

Linebacker (2)

Safety (1)

  • Chris Hannible – 6’0″ – 190 – Bakersfield, CA (Bakersfield CC)

Cornerback (3)

Kicker (2)

Punter (1)

Long Snapper (1)

We will have a full writeup and reaction tomorrow morning once all the paperwork has been processed and the ink has dried.   Relevant comments and discussion are welcome.

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11 Responses to UND Football Class of 2014

  1. 27 says:

    Love the map, the breakdown and the links to the videos. Excellent post!

  2. UND Fan says:

    Any insight as to what is happening with Simmons and Walton?

    • oskie says:

      Walton might have a signing day deal at school. Simmons we have no idea, maybe the same due to the time difference. He is listed on the Mesa CC website as going to UND.

  3. Steve says:

    What is the deal with Benyard? Also a RB named Dubard was mentioned. Anybody know about that situation?

    • UNDBIZ says:

      Dubard was confused with Hannible on SiouxSports. Don’t think he’ll be coming to UND.

    • oskie says:

      Now that I look back we may have bad intel on Benyard. He may have just visited but not fully committed. Not a huge deal as he was kind of a late addition to a visit. Going to pull him from our list.

      Still think Simmons is in.

  4. Tom says:

    With Simmons aboard now, this class is spectacular. Can’t wait.

  5. Adam says:

    Is there 5 or 6 from Wisconsin?

  6. Jon says:

    Nice crowd at the NLI party. Staff is very impressive. Thanks for the coverage.

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