UND Signs Colton Boas, Charles Flowers


School: Iowa Central CC – Fort Dodge, IA (Coach Kevin Twait)

Vitals:  C (#73).  6’2″ – 300 lbs

Offers:  Indiana State

While undersized in terms of height, Boas makes up for it with his thick frame in weight.  He’s got a great motor and continues to drive his feet after contact until the whistle.  Also, does a great job of using his hands after initial contact to sustain his blocks.

Boas is a textbook downhill, power running game center in that most of his blocks made on his film are right in front of him on a nose, shade or 3 technique inside.  We didn’t see him get out on the perimeter much when uncovered on outside zone, toss plays or screens, but that may be a product of the offense he was in, scheme and playcalling.  However, he showed the ability to pass off initial defenders to his guards and get to linebackers on the 2nd level – a critical concept in zone running schemes.

Boas will definitely add depth to the interior offensive line this fall and will be a challenger to start at center immediately.  He has 2 years of eligibility remaining.

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School: Citrus College – Glendora, CA (Coach Ron Ponciano)

Vitals:  CB (#24).  6’0″ – 175 lbs

Offers:  Sacramento State, Northern Colorado

The highest priority position of need for 2014 brings in a cornerback with great size and measurables.  Flowers executes a shuffle-step technique in man coverage and does an excellent job of maintaining inside leverage in his backpedal.   Also, he does a good job flipping his hips and running vertical in press man coverage and seems to understand how to get into dominant position after wide receiver releases downfield.

Flowers has great natural instincts and awareness – specifically when the ball is in the air – and shows a knack for knowing when to turn and look for the ball.  Uses ‘field’ and ‘boundary’ leverage very well and seems to always know how to position himself on the field.  Exceptional ball skills on film for a first year player.  Plays physical and uses his hands well in coverage.  He finishes plays and fights for the ball until the very last second.

Another nice trait that has been missing in UND’s secondary recently, is that Flowers is a surprisingly physical/solid tackler already.  He will still have to fill out his frame and put on a bit more weight as currently he is slight in nature and too thin to hold up through a full Big Sky Conference schedule.  The UND staff will need to teach him how to get off blocks on the perimeter better.  Also he will need to improve his top end speed through off-season workouts to be ready for Big Sky competition.  With more development physically and technically, all signs point to him being an immediate impact player for the UND defense over the next 3 years, starting in 2014.

Flowers was named to Region IV All-State team in California as a cornerback.  He will have three years of eligibility remaining.

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  1. Spectator

    Interesting – Flowers could have stayed in-state and in same conference but chose UND over Sacramento.

    1. kellyhowe

      I found that interesting as well. He was a known commodity in the Southern California Juco league and only a freshman. He may have had bigger offers next year had he stayed for another year at Citrus.

  2. MoSiouxFan

    These are the kind of signings that don’t create many headlines but they fill significant needs and may well have an impact the next 2-3 seasons.

    1. kellyhowe

      There are many significant needs on this team due to attrition and graduation. These signings, like you said, are extremely significant for the 2014 season.

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