UND Football Scrimmage #1 Thoughts

The UND Football team held their first and only scrimmage this past Friday.  Due to low numbers at certain positions (offensive line) they have tried to keep full-contact to a minimum and just work on installing the offense and honing up on fundamentals.  We have a feeling that there won’t be too many spots locked up this spring, making fall camp the time where players separate themselves on the depth chart.

  • The defensive unit was without a doubt the better side of the ball on Friday.  However, that is usually the case in spring ball as the offense has more to install and many more moving parts to sync than the defense.  This year is even worse as the offense is installing an entirely new offense with all new terminology.  If the defense didn’t get the upperhand we would be surprised.
  • There has been some speculation about whether this offense would install different packages for different QB’s, etc.  To answer that question, we saw multiple “quarterback draw” running plays, meaning athletic QB’s like Mollberg and Hanson will have that play available to them.
  • The UND offensive line seemed to struggle mightily.  They are short on numbers this spring, having only nine OL total, but they could not get much of a push at all.  The OL is going to benefit greatly from the addition of Juco’s Brendan Slaight and Colton Boas when they arrive this fall.
  • The longest run of the day was an 8-yarder by senior Jer Garman.
  • Third-string QB Jake Hanson (soph.) completed a couple nice passes to Tyrhe Ivery (sr.) and Tanner Vesledahl (soph.), with both catches going for about 10 yards.  The incumbent starting QB’s, Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels, didn’t do much in the scrimmage.
  • Freshman safety Cole Reyes had a punishing pass breakup along the sideline as FB Dwayne Pecosky was running a 15 yard 0ut-route and Reyes broke on it and laid out Pecosky just as the ball got there.  UND needs more of that this fall and we know Reyes is going to be counted on to contribute at the safety position.
  • The defense dominated on the goal line.  The offense ran about 5 plays from inside the three yard line and never scored.  The defensive line got a nice push on each play.
  • The decision to move senior Shea Walker (6’1″-300) from center to nose guard is going to be a good one.  Walker will not be an all-american or anything but he shows good footwork and quickness to go along with a nastiness that is needed at that position.  He will only get better as they progress into fall camp and he continues to log reps.
  • The safeties looked good overall as William James and Baylee Carr both made nice plays on the ball.  James cut off a couple long homerun pass plays, getting into the receiver and altering his route and not looking back for the ball until he gained dominant position.  Very nice to see.
A recruiting update:  Juco offerees Dashon Wade (Pasadena) and Brian Anderson (Butte) both ended up signing with Southern Mississippi.  They both supposedly had UND on the their short list until the FBS level Golden Eagles came calling.  WR Tim Patrick (Grossmont) and CB Jamal Mayo (Laney) are still out there and have not signed anywhere as of yet.  They both already visited UND.  We believe UND can still sign 4 players if they choose.  A program can only sign 30 players in one signing period and UND is at 26.  


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  1. UND Fan

    Thanks for the update!

    Do we know for sure that Patrick and Mayo have been offered?

    Any injuries this spring?

    1. Yes they have been offered. But have other interest and offers also.

      We heard walk-on Josh Seibel of Bismarck hurt his leg. Not sure though. Other than that nothing.

  2. MoSiouxFan

    I think Slaight and Boas (and maybe a couple of other JUCO commits?) need to be added to your list of 2014 Commitments. Thanks for your excellent updates; they are always read and appreciated.

  3. Eric

    Any rumblings of some FBS drop downs yet? Getting close to the time where I would think there might be some talk out there.

    1. Nothing concrete. Heard Connor Riese’s name speculated but he ended up going to Toledo. Was an OL for Wyoming that was from DC Everest in WI.

      More names will pop up.

  4. Bill

    I really liked the pre-Spring game festivities last year. Lots of food vendors and kid’s activities. I’m hearing that tailgating is allowed and is, of course, free again this year. But, no food vendors. We were hoping this was a thing that could build, year after year. Any insight to why UND\Alerus took a step back on the Spring game experience?

    1. As of now, no. We have not heard anything, which like you said means they probably are doing less this year. With the weather as unpredictable as it always is in April I cannot blame them. Seems like they get bad weather or wind whenever they try to go all out promoting something. We will look into it.

  5. Spectator

    Unpredictable weather in Grand Forks – not an excuse – deal with it. Set up tents and mark out booth space and let fans bring their own tailgating supplies, and/or set up a couple dozen outdoor grills and light the coals let people bring their own meat to grill, provide picnic tables, have music, give something away, have indoor events at the Alerus. A kid’s clinic and autographs – if that’s all you got that ain’t enough and once again shows the level of support for sports that aren’t hockey. If this was a hockey thing there would be plenty going on.

    1. We believe there will be the indoor activities but just not the outdoor band, cooking competition, etc. Obviously, all fans can come tailgate like usual. That has never changed.

  6. Tommy

    I heard there were issues with the city health ordinances for food giveaways or something. I’ll still be there tailgating as usual. Hope to see you there. Seems like everything else is moved indoors. Should be a fun family event. I do like the word free.

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