Random Post-Xmas Break Updates

  • Last night, UND received their latest verbal commitment from fullback Andrew Jones of Northern Cass High School in ND.  Jones is 5’11”-220.  We will add him to our UND Class of 2017 recruiting post (coming soon) with all the hudl highlights and try to bump it to the top each time there is a commitment.  We believe that Jones is going to be a preferred walk-on.
  • Safety Zach Arnell was denied his request for another season under the hardship rule.  Arnell sat out 8 games last season after he had his leg broke on a nasty/cheap block from behind in the NDSU game (3rd game of the year).  We have been told that it was denied because he did not miss two years.  Arnell was injured early in one season at Santa Barbara JC but the problem is he came back to play again that year.  So that does not count for missing a season.  No matter how you slice it, it’s a bad deal for Arnell.  His career at UND is pretty much over, barring a successful appeal.
  • We are becoming less and less confident in WR Clive Georges receiving a hardship waiver for a sixth year.  We believe it was submitted but have not heard anything as of yet.  With Arnell not receiving his it certainly does not give us confidence in Clive receiving one.
  • We are going to assume that DE commit Quintin Seguin is no longer in UND’s plans, or vice-versa.  He was supposed to sign at Xmas break and never did.  That tells us something happened.  Cannot imagine him still coming to UND.
  • Coach Bubba Schweigert recently was given a well-deserved extension through the 2021 season.  His new base salary will be around $185,000 per year and go up incrementally ($10,000) each year.  Schweigert has a 21-14 record at UND and is coming off a 9-3 season that saw UND achieve it’s first ever Big Sky Championship and first ever FCS playoff berth/seed.  Schweigert’s assistants will also receive a salary bump, which was badly needed.  We like to think our post from before Xmas that laid out how low his pay is helped him in getting this extension.  🙂


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  1. Siouxfan512

    Care to speculate on recruits, who have receive offers from UND, that you could see committing over the next month?


    How was Vraa able to secure a medical hardship to come back in 2015-16 yet not Arnell and Georges? He played at least half the season as a senior in 2014-15 before being injured.

    1. If I had to guess it was because it was his sixth year and he missed two seasons. Did he miss the majority of a season before his senior year?

      1. Random Guy

        Vraa missed two years because of injury. His first year on campus he was hurt in fall camp and missed that year. Than the next season he broke his collarbone in the first or second game. So he missed essentially two entire years because of it.

        Generally speaking, the only way you will get a medical hardship is if you miss two years because of injury. A couple of caveats are you cannot play in more than 30% of your teams games (again Vraa) and you cannot come back at some point during the season (as we have seen with Arnell).

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