UND Football To Join MVFC

In breaking news today from Brad Schlossman/Tom Miller of the Grand Forks Herald, UND will be announcing tomorrow that they are moving their football team to the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

UND is not set to join the Missouri Valley until 2020, however.

The rest of the sports will be joining the Summit League.

This move has been rumored for awhile now due to UND’s geographical location, mostly.  NDSU, SDSU and USD all compete in the Summit/MVFC.

The Missouri Valley is considered the toughest FCS football conference in the country.  They currently have 10 teams with UND bringing them to 11.  Each team will not play two other conference mates each season.

In the meantime, UND will play in the Big Sky Conference.  However, they will not be eligible to win the conference title/autobid for the 2018 & 2019 seasons.  Not a huge deal as full resume is used in selecting teams for the playoffs.

It was speculated last spring that UND could save around 500K+ by joining the Summit/MVFC.  With the ongoing budget issues happening across the state of North Dakota right now it only makes sense that UND tries to slash budget while joining two solid conference.



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  1. Sioux Fan in LA

    This is probably the best thing for UND sports, but being exiled on the left coast, I’ll miss those few opportunities to see UND play in California. I hope there continues to be an effort to get games on webcasts because being able to watch games on the big sky network was great.

  2. Chuck

    I think the 3 other state universities are great rivals and I totally see the logic for reuniting. However, I wish it was possible for all 4 Dakota schools to play in the Big Sky. Both of our states are on the upper Missouri River and we have more in common with Montana than may meet the eye. We love being outside in the fall hunting, and we all tend to vote red at election time!!

    Go Sioux!

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